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    • It is not listed under "L" for Lockheed Martin, but "P" Prepare3D v4
    • I have the 747 but have had little time to run flights for any reasonable statistics.   As posted elsewhere by others I see the same issue regarding max altitude been assigned by PFPX rather than optimal, this would affect the outcome. Something I don't generally see on other airframes.
    • So I've been flying prepar3d V4 for a while now and I even have a very cool tool called 'where's my aircraft'. It lets you save your aircraft somewhere and it stays there even on other flights. This got me thinking about my all time favorite FSX airport, Andras Field. It has a decently sized runway near the alps, had some very cool features like traffic lights and a lovely approach. It also has a glider strip and water runways. Sadly this airport doesn't really work (you can but it's not brilliant).
        So my question to you, what's the favorite airport you always go back to?
    • Bob, please attach screenshots directly. No need to upload them elsewhere. 1. Make sure that you have a proper installation of P3Dv4.3 2. after removing chaseplane, uninstall the Airrbus and make a fresh install 3. Update the Airbus via the ASUpdater
    • And make sure to update the Airbus via the ASUpdater.