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    •   Welcome to the forum, Matthias,     These problems suggest to me that you many not have installed XMLTools, or not installed it successfully, which is necessary for the panel (and most of the systems to function properly).  The fuel panel is fully functional except for cross feeding, which is not used in normal operations. Tank selection (other than cross feeding)  and fuel transfer between tanks is fully simulated.  You need to distinguish between cross feeding, fuel transfer, and tank selection as they are all different things and it's hard for me to know specifically what you think doesn't work.     The small is amount of fuel flow before fuel is turned on seem to be how FSX and its derivatives work.  I could code something to mask it, which I think is not a bad idea, but not a priority just now.   There are pros and cons to EPR bugs being capable of separate settings.  It would be more realistic, but kind of a pain to set them all and also it would add three click spots to the model which I was very happy to be able to avoid.  The 32 bit version is now just one click spot from enough to cause graphics corruption. This limitation may be gone in 64 bit, but I am not ready at this point to start introducing more differences between the two than strictly necessary.     IAS/MACH hold were not usable modes for these aircraft.  This is in the manual, (both the real one and the Aerosoft one) and has been previously discussed on the forum.    As for the speed of the switch you may be correct.  When I tried the switch in a real DC8 I recall I had to push against a powerful spring which I think later made me give it a slow animation. I'll consider speeding it up.   
      The beacon is made to look like the video footage I have of a 50 series taxiing at night in a Just Planes Fine Air video. 
      The wing flood lights are not modelled as I can't think why anyone would need them.   I could move the upper tail light a little to better match the lower one.  But they are both intended to be slightly embedded in the fuselage.   
      They were all new once.  Some people won't like the degree of wear and tear no matter how it looks, so I won't be changing that.      At some point I may try to make this more consistent, but not a priority right now.     No, because it was decided at the beginning of the project that normal operations only would be simulated and these controls (aside from setting a couple of levers as part of the pre-flight) are not used in normal operations. And see the comment above with respect to the maximum number of click spots. 

      The inboard engines will reverse in the air by clicking on either of their reverser handles.  This is in the manual and can also be done on the ground.  If it doesn't work then you haven't successfully installed XMLTools -- see above. 
    • Yes it helps, thanks a Lot for the info!
    • Hola soy nuevo en esto de los foros, necesito ayuda, tengo un problema con el FSX cuando intento volar con un A320 de  Aerosoft (airbus x) , no se prendían los monitores, el FMS no da todas las opciones y la palanca de gases no funciona. leyendo en estos foros vi una solución que era descargar los 3 archivos de SimConnect y probar.  Después de probar con esta solución el único cambio fue que prendieron los 2 monitores centrales pero el de radar sigue apagado, no  reconoce la palanca del  joystick (logitech extreme 3d pro) pero  los botones si, la palanca de gases no funciona ni tratando de moverla con el mouse, agradezco si me pueden ayudar a solucionar este fallo.   El simulador es el flight simulator x Airbus x Aerosoft Sistema operativo Windows 7 de 64 bits Ram 8 GB, Tarjeta de video  Geforce GTX 750 Ti, Procesador  AMD FX (tm)-8350          
    • As stated earlier by Frank:   Everyone with low spec gear (See Mathijs' recent post for minimum and recommended specs), please keep in mind the initial release will require P3Dv4.2 (or whatever comes out later). If you can't run that sim now with a good fluid 20++ frame rate with your favorite sceneries and weather, now is the time to experiment with your settings to find a stripped down profile that give you fluid frames comfortably above 20 where you like to fly. Then you'll know in advance whether you'll be able to run the 'Bus when it's released, and more importantly enjoy it on release instead of tweaking then. Remember to save that profile as perhaps something like "Aerosoft A-Bus" and of course choose it before loading your flight. If you can't run P3Dv4+ now at all, you'll simply need to be patient and await downstream releases that are anticipated to support lower spec computers.
    • For those of you having trouble starting the engines.  I have rewritten the code for starting and would like people having problems to try it out before it gets added to the next update.  You need to download the logic.xml file from the link below and replace the one in your DC-8_50/panel/DC81 folder.  I suggest you back up the old file as a precaution.    Then try it out and let me know if you now have problem free starts.  If for some reason you haven't sastisfied the conditions to start (such as not arming the ignition), and it goes wrong, be sure to turn off the starter and the fuel cutoff back to off before trying again.    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o9vOCCC3W3YqgO3lBmhw3uvesG8cGb7S