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    • Hi Holgi and everyone!   I would like to request WIZZair's 100th Airbus' (HA-LTD) livery and also if possible it's older brother's HA-LTA. I will link a few pics.   Thanks in advance!!      Tango Delta:  https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9004762; https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8999043 Tango Alpha: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8988591; https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8945649
    • From “What's not available, what's wrong?”   Independent Navigation Display (ND) for FO with its own mode, range and EFIS  control knobs. It will allow complete separate settings between FO and CPT (currently a 1:1 copy of CAP ND). Planned for SP1. I don’t know if this will be the solution or if they can optimize the current display before SP1. Maybe it is something only happening to a few of us, but I doubt it is a hardware problem.
    • Sim Brief - 100 Pax = 100 * 105 (80 kg Pax + 25 kg Bag) total weight:  10,500 Fuel Planner - 100 Pax = 100 * 83 (8300) + 2500 Cargo or Baggage(25 * 100)) = 10,800 Change MCDU 3 Pax from 83 - 80 (3 KG * 100) = -300   10,800 - 300 = 10,500. Payload   Since there are requirements to have cargo in addition to baggage, and for those that MUST have things match exactly (which all of this is avoided if you just make the ZFW match regardless of what's loaded) I will ask about one of the following.   1.  Adjusting the passenger weights in the fuel planner to include the baggage of guess what  (80 + 25 Sim Brief) ;-) and let the cargo slider be used for "Cargo"  OR 2.  Changing the CARGO slider in the fuel planner to read BAGGAGE which would auto adjust with the passengers (25 kg for each pax) and adding separate entry for "CARGO"  :-)   The way it's really done is passenger weight and baggage weight is for Carry On Baggage NOT baggage in the cargo hold. You then have cargo hold baggage and then you have cargo.  Maybe an Option 3...i'll ask.    
    • Ok, The both non-sharklets and sharklets repaints are working for me! I found some mistakes that the repainter did on the sharklets readme text for the entry Try to tweak the Sharklets entry like this:   [FLTSIM.13]
      title                            = Airbus A319 Eurowings D-ABGS SHARKLETS
      sim                                = A319
      model                            = SHARKLET
      panel                            =
      sound                            =
      texture                          = EurowingsD-ABGS_SHARKLET
      kb_checklists                    = AirbusA321_check
      kb_reference                     = AirbusA321_ref
      atc_id                            = D-ABGS
      atc_airline                      = EWG
      atc_flight_number              = 0828
      ui_manufacturer                 = Airbus
      ui_type                           = A319-112 CFM
      ui_variation                     = Eurowings - Lufthansa Group
      ui_typerole                      = Commercial Airliner
      ui_createdby                       = Aerosoft
      atc_parking_types               = GATE,RAMP
      atc_parking_codes               = EWG
      description                        = Airbus A319 - 112 CFM Sharklets / Livery by CologneAviationSpotting
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