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    • Where am I? - A little ongoing quiz
      By OPAC · Posted
      Unfortantly I'm having some issues with my PC, so I'm not able to post any screens in the near future. Somebody else; please from here :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • auto-throttle abnormal variations during flight
      By patrick75 · Posted
      Damned ! :-(( it still doesn't work !   A/T oscillations are still present with FSX although I did unzip and copy the hotfix files  to the FSX main folder correctly ( I believe so)... I do not understand the reason of such a problem, the a/c is totally unflyable....
    • Bugrad Geradeauslauf
      By flugmatz · Posted
      danke Max- endlich mal eine zielführende Antwort. Reden wir mal vom RL und nehmen an, dass es Seitenwind (sagen wir 20kt) genau von rechts gibt. Der Einfluss ist IMHO bis 50kts (und beim Gewicht des A320) recht gering und wird erst bei höheren Geschwindigkeiten (kurz vor v1) wirklich relevant- jeder kennt das vom Auto (ich erinnere mich dunkel an Vektordiagramme, mit denen man das darstellen kann). Beim AS-Bus ist es aber genau umgekehrt: Am Anfang des Rollens, also praktisch bei Schrittgeschwindigkeit gibts einen Drall nach links; das kann selbst bei Seitenwind nicht an diesem liegen sondern muss was mit dem model zu tun haben. Aber wie schon gesagt: Ich habe alles abgeschaltet und sogar den Joystick abgezogen...
    • Slow instruments (stutter)
      By Max Reverse · Posted
      Hi Roman, there should be a option at the Airbus Config Programm. I am not sitting in front of my PC, but i am quite sure, that you can change some settings for the PFD/ND there.
    • Bugrad Geradeauslauf
      By Max Reverse · Posted
      Ich hab es vorhin auch mal ausprobiert. Der Bus läuft wirklich ganz am Anfang der Beschleunigung leicht nach links, also gebe ich leicht Seitenruder nach rechts. Dann läuft er aber brav, wie am Schnürchen gradeaus. Bei mir erzeugt das linke Triebwerk auch schneller den Schub, obwohl der Throttle 1a kalibriert ist. Frank kann das bestimmt bestätigen (wenn er wieder zurückkommt :)), denn das ist in RL bestimmt genauso. Ich kenn den "echten" Airbus auch nur vom Video, aber da wird immer mit dem Ruder die Richtung korrigiert. Ok, ist ja auch immer Wind. Wenn ich in Herzogenaurach mit einer Vereins D-E... fliege ist der Tritt ins Ruder ja normal, deshalb ist es mir bisher auch nie im Flusi aufgefallen.
    • Virtual Airline Repaint Request
      By Waters10 · Posted
      Hi there,   I'm not sure if this is the best place to post, so please move if need be. I am starting a virtual airline, and would like the Airbus a320 IAE repainted for it. I have a design in mind, I just need it put on the Airbus. If someone would be able to donate a small bit of time to repainting, please let me know on here, or contact us via facebook: Thanks!!   Sam
    • Fuel planning manually?
      By jpgmultimodal · Posted
      Good evening, I am like Tom, a bit puzzled by your request. You give the following figures:   Suggested Fuel Load:
      Taxi Fuel: 249 kg
      Trip Fuel: 2808 kg
      Reserve Fuel: 1581 kg
      Total Fuel Load: 4638 kg What about the cont. fuel, the fuel for the altn? Now something else: your VA gives you somes figures but what is the date, the time, the winds, weights, FL, ISA deviation ...? So many parameters that you have to enter for each flight so I do not thing the VA can give you all these informations each time you decide to do a flight, or else they provide you with a full OFP updated permanently which I doubt. Regards, JP
    • Aeropuertos Aerosoft en P3D v2.5
      By Walter Almaraz · Posted
      Creo que puedes intentar reinstalar, parece que faltaran archivos y una foto de la biblioteca de escenarios para descartar otros posibles incovenientes.
    • How to get aircraft variant into flight plan?
      By bcars · Posted
      I realize what the controller was looking for. I,too, am a Vatsim controller.  I did some experimenting with vPilot, the vanilla Vatsim website for flight plan filing, and using the PFPX  Send to Vatsim and vPilot File Flight Plan.  PFPX does indeed fill in all the fields, assuming you had a valid aircraft definition.  vPilot will use the aircraft type you used when you connect to fill in the FlightPlan. It also has a check box to select the equipment suffix.
      Vatsim uses the aircraft type from the Flight plan to display the aircraft callsign, and type, as in the real world.  This is how VRC, vatspy etc get the information to display on the target.
      As in the real world, a flight plan can be filed with an aircraft type that is different from what the pilot is actually flying. The controller sees what the flight plan has.   You can try this by not filing a flight plan and connecting to VATSIM with vPilot. Put any aircraft type you want.  What vatsim uses is to associate the Callsign you signed in with , along with the callsign in the flightplan. You can connect  and specify an aircraft type of B717, but file a flightplan ( outside of vPilot) as a B738. Vatsim will use the B738 from the flight plan.  If you connect without a flightplan,  the controller will not see an aircraft type,  Use VatSpy to verify this.  However, all clients will use the aircraft type from the vPilot connect string if no flight plan was filed,  in order to be able to display that aircraft to other clients.  This is how the clients know what aircraft type and callsign to display as AI traffic, since a pilot can connect and fly without a flight plan. The clients will show the proper AI aircraft, but ATC clients will not show an aircraft type - only the callsign. I sent off a request to Ross Carlson, the author of vPilot.  He confirmed this:
      "This is all correct. The radar clients, and tools like VATSpy, take the aircraft type from the flight plan. That's how it's done real world as well. If a target is flying around without a flight plan, the data block will have no aircraft type indication until the controller manually sets it or creates a flight plan on behalf of the pilot.

      All pilot clients send out information about the aircraft type when they connect to the VATSIM server. This information is independent of the flight plan. Pilot clients use that data in order to determine how to render aircraft in the sim. This is important because we need a way to know what type of aircraft to render even for pilots that do not file a flight plan, or simply haven't filed a flight plan yet. That's why vPilot requires that you enter an aircraft type when you connect, because otherwise it wouldn't know what aircraft type to use until you filed a flight plan, which may happen well after you connect, or not at all.

      As you've discovered, this creates the possibility of connecting as one type, but filing a flight plan (through the prefile web site) as a totally different type. That's a case of pilot error that could also occur in the real world.  "   Bruce  
    • Aeropuertos Aerosoft en P3D v2.5
      By Guido Piermarini · Posted
      Yo tenia instalado el P3D v2.5 con varios addons y aviones y escenarios! Hice unos cambios en la computadora y tuve que instalar todo de nuevo. Y este escenario no puedo hacer que funcione bien! Subo las imagenes en dos comentarios!     Noche de EGLL ! Si se ve bien, se puede notar que las calles de rodaje e inclusive la pista tienen colores verdes y marron! Hice una instalacion nueva desde cero y nada, todo sigue igual! El simulador esta funcionando muy bien, el unico problema es este escenario!  Prepar3D v2.5 with W7 64 bit