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    • New installers for P3D v3
      By KZ1R · Posted
      Done that already a while ago after realizing there will be no "official quick fix". One thing I can add is that it may be important to completely uninstall and then reinstall the FS2Crew for Airbus before editing the panel.cfg files to include the full path to the gauge.
    • On to legs 31-40. Who's made it to Lima?
      By dcda · Posted
      After the first Andes passage, only one small side-trip before the next challenge.  Having missed out on the beautiful city of Buenos Aires during our trip down the eastern coast, I resolved to return on the northward return. 2015-10-06, Tuesday -- Cordoba [SACO] to Buenos Aires [SABE] At the time of the evening arrival at Cordoba, there was still some air traffic.  When arriving for this early-afternoon,  only one lonely little Aerochaco J32 and my DHC-6 in the distance.
      (This is one of my few repaints -- since learning how to convert FS9 models to FSX there has not been so much need to paint because so many have been done by others over the years.  But, iIn this case Aerochaco is a very, very small airline, they once flew MD-82s, but went bankrupt.  Then, brought "back to life", they now only fly Jetstream 32s on scheduled service.  One possible reason for no repaint is that there has been no available paintkit for this aircraft model [DJC]; it was necessary to create one from existing paints.  Naturally, I will post these to Avsim once they are cleaned up and ready.) Simple and easy flight over to Jorge Newbery.  A bit cloudy and some rain, but the winds were exceptionally good.  Not worth adding pictures. SACO RWY18 ASEMI1.UTRAX W24 SNT7C.VANAR.ILS13 SABE One reason I wanted to make this trip, and share the images, is because the Buenos Aires city area and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery [SABE] are the "masterpiece" of the caballeros [gentlemen] at Flight Simulator Argentina. The "Los Lagos" area on approach. On final, there was difficulty getting the ILS to lock, so I had to fight with the trim to land by hand.  Cityscape, a sports stadium, the port area in the distance. Jorge Newbery was very busy the entire time I was there.  I recall that Ezeiza was also very busy.  Buenos Aires is a "jumping" town.   Here is another of the domestic airlines, Andes Líneas Aéreas; this being the airline's only MD-83 about as far as they fly from their home base in Salta [SASA]. The highly-detailed terminal area. In the end, I found myself parked next to ... does that paint scheme look somewhat familiar?!  Well, yes.  Because Aerochaco (in the first image, above) is an airline which does not own any aircraft.  After being reconstituted, the management of the airline was assigned to Macair Jet (which manages other airlines, makes charter flights and a few scheduled flights).  Not visible in this image, the third of these three is "unbranded" -- it has only the base paint scheme without any text identifying the airline.  (A "filler" aircraft when one of the others is undergoing maintenance, I would guess.)
      [Because the basic paint scheme is common to both Aerochaco and Macair Jet, it seemed reasonable for me to paint them both.  The only thing is, all their aircraft have different labels and instruction stickers on the baggage compartment!] Aeroparque "Jorge Newbery" (SABE)
      Buenos Aires y alrededores para FSX (X4, X4.1, X4.2, X4.3)
      Expansión de Buenos Aires X --------------------- 2015-10-07, Wednesday -- Buenos Aires [SABE] to Asuncion [SGAS] The next afternoon, the airport remained so busy that, for a short time, there were two Aerolineas Argentinas B737s in the old paint scheme.  I understand there is still at least one [real-world] aircraft which has not yet come to the top of the paint cycle and so still sports those old colors.
      With this airport serving domestic and regional flights, it is no surprise to see so many Austral birds down at the other end.  That is their Embrear ERJ-190 in the "Skyteam" livery just pulling in to the terminal. A "last look" at the terminal while being pushed back.  So many antennas on that building.  I wonder if they pose a radiation hazard? With the clouds, the sky is growing a little dark and the tarmac lights are on while I ran up the engines for takeoff. Just after takeoff, soon to pass over the port.  That colonial-looking building (on the left) seems to represent an electrical-power generation facility at that location.  Parts of the sim-model are accurate, other parts. . . The port, and the white building is the Edificio Libertad, which houses the headquarters of the Argentine Navy.  Originally designed as a military hospital;  later offered as a hotel (which no hotel company wanted); and finally the headquarters. [information from Wiki]  (So busy taking pictures that I had not yet balanced the engines after reducting to climb power.) Passing the GoPro to the person in the right seat, the northeastern extent of the city.  Among other buildings, there are the Standard Bank building, the Sheraton Hotel, the headquarters of the newspaper "La Nacion" [The Nation]. Turned back around towards the West, and a look at a still very busy airport -- two taxiing in, three ready for takeoff. To the flight.   SABE RWY13.LAND3B.LANDA B688 MCS A556 ASATI.VDM02 SGAS The winds at altitude were so bad that the estimated flight time at 7000 feet was a full hour less than flying at 11000 feet.      Clouds and darkness.  For the most part, only instruments to watch for the majority of the flight.  The weather cleared for the last quarter of the flight.  It would appear there is an extensive photo-base (with night textures) in the Taxi2Gate SGAS. Quick look to the right while on short-final.  Nicely-lit hangars in the military part of the airport, and what looks like some derelict aircraft.  Satellite photographs show this airport has several areas with aircraft just packed together.  Impossible to just hop in and prepare for flight.  Some 75+ aircraft packed tightly together, another 20-30 sitting alone in semi-random locations.  Little props, dual turboprops, jets, all kinds.  Despite the derelicts, it does not look quite like a "boneyard."  Looks like there just is not enough parking space for Paraguayan aircraft, and the may not fly them frequently enough to make construction worth the cost. Taxi in to be greeted by a warmly-lit terminal. SGAS by Taxi2Gate. My plan had been to stop at Reconquista [SATR] or Resistancia [SARE], but feel better to have made the single longer flight.  This allows for more rest and planning before the next goal. (Please excuse the photo-hound tendencies today.  Just wishing to promote and recommend the Buenos Aires and SABE scenery.)
    • Airbus pulls to the right when taxing and rudders to the right when airborne...P3D V3 the cause?
      By bobsk8 · Posted
      Read of other people having a similar problem with different aircraft on P3D Version 3. 
    • FSX Crashes
      By Joshiscool26 · Posted
      Hey, I just bought the dhc-6 twin otter extended installed it and it wont let me load the aircraft. When ever i select it in the free flight menu it loads the two pilots and a transparent outline of the aircraft then crashes. i have no idea what is going on any help would be great! Thanks Josh Should also mention i'm running it on a boot camped macbook pro windows 7 home premium 64bit intel i7 2.9 ghz intel hd 4000 graphics
    • New installers for P3D v3
      By Galenki · Posted
      You can do just that by editing each panel.cfg youself for fs2crew to work. The airbus is fine in v3 and has no issue i'm aware of after ~10 legs. No need to expediate anything here. Just in case this needs clarification, you need to search for every "FS2Crew2010\Versions\AerosoftAirbusX\Gauges" instances in each panel.cfg and change it to the whole path like "D:\Prepar3D v3\FS2Crew2010\Versions\AerosoftAirbusX\Gauges".
    • FSX Steam Version bleibt hängen
      By Homerun1978 · Posted
      Hallo zusammen habe mir heute für 4 Euro :-) die Steam-Version von FSX geholt in der Hoffnung, die ewigen Hänger seien damit fertig. Ich habe FSX seit ca. 3 Jahren nicht mehr angefasst, da ich seither mit XP10 unterwegs war. Dort fehlt allerdings das ATC. Ich dachte mir: hey, mach doch mit dem FSX wiedermal einen IFR-Flug. Weit kam ich allerdings nie, denn FSX blieb plötzlich stehen. Gegoogelt habe ich natürlich auch schon. Da war die Rede von einem "UIAutimaticore (oder ähnlich). Gemäss der Windows Ereignisanzeige führte diese Datei zum Absturz von FSX. Hat jemand eine passende Lösung für mich auf Lager? Gruzz Remo
    • Mega Airport Rome
      By mimichael · Posted
      Hi   Have you already sent the mail? Because Im one of who bought the FS2004 version of Rome and waited for the FSX version without asking for exchange but still not received the mail.   Thank you
    • What simulator will you be using end of this year?
      By XP-Flieger · Posted
      X-Plane 10. Nothing else. 64bit and OSM are a musthave for a flight simulator, never again without them.
    • Problem Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg e Lisbon
      By aletaras · Posted
      Hello guys,
      I bought these two airports on 17/02/2015, to date I have not solved the problem of the lights and the taxi tracks do not work, I have the simulator Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 2.5, you give me directions? thank you.  Alessandro.