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    • Some editings concerning payload and fuel
      By CS-TMT · Posted
      Hello. First of all, I must congratulate for the wonderful addon you guys made. Second, I am aware that such tweakings are not supported by yourselves, which I do respect. However, I wanted to ask some things regarding payloads: is it possible to have multiple XML files for one aircraft? That is, one XML for the "normal" A318 and A319 and another XML for an immaginary A319 CJ? As well as multiple aircraft folders for one aircraft, say one named "Aerosoft Airbus A319" and other "Aerosoft Airbus A319CJ" or something like that. Or each time I want to fly the normal pax version or the CJ version I have to edit (or have one edited and overwrite the other) the XML and the aircraft CFG file and keep both versions in one folder on Simobjects/Airplanes? I tried dividing the XML for the A318 and A319 into separate XML, one for the A318 only (edited the XML and removed the part regarding the A319) and another for the A319 in which file I deleted the lines related to the A318.The load editor is able to read the XMLs separately, as well as generate loadsheet with the fuel limit of the A319 (32.5 tons) and the 20pax limit of the A319 I want to use, and the A318 XML file is also readable. This in respect to the payload editor. The problem, and the reason for me to open this topic, lies under Prepar3D, because I am unable to fill the tanks with the 32.5t via the MCDU2 (yes I edited the XML for that extra fuel, 32.5 instead of the 19-something tons). I can only fill the extra fuel if I load in the MCDU the loadsheet created with the planned. In this way, on the ACJ version, the fuel is loaded in the aircraft, but not the payload, although the speeds (V1, VR, V2, Vapp and Vref) are calculated as if the aircraft has been loaded with the settings from the loadsheet. The other question regarding this personal tweak is: how many load stations can I put in the aircraft? That is, I have the aircraft.cfg with multiple station loads, one for each passenger instead of having all 18 passengers concentrated in one station. I have edited the aircraft XML acording to the stations of the CFG file, but when importing the load sheet in the MCDU, only the fuel is loaded in the aircraft, not the cargo/passengers. So I might assume there is a station load limit for this aircraft, is that right? I've been using this load configuration since FS2002, first on iFDG A319, then on Wilco A319 and finally on Project Airbus (with Wilco panel merge), of course, adapting the stations positions to each aircraft, and the CoG keeps within limits, but I'm having difficulties in aplying this to the wonderful Airbus X addon. I'm not at home right now, so I am unable to post some screenshots, but when I get home later today I'll do that and pst here. As I said, I know no support is given for these kind of tweaks, but maybe you can enlighten me.
    • Mallorca & Ibiza Evo (Night Lighting with ORBX)
      By Chris Bell · Posted
      currently all standard autogen based lights will be obscured with an active photoreal, Night Environment is the only night lighting system that will work in any setup or scenario combination,   our work is often imitated, never duplicated take  your pick; all videos on this page are with photoreal (also note our lights illuminate the ground and shine through the photoreal itself for seamless ground effect)
    • PFPX and ASN
      By mopperle · Posted
      its is a hidden system folder and by default not visible in Windows. To make it visible: open the Explorer
      menu -> Extras -> Folder Options -> View tab
      scroll down to "Hidden files and folders" and mark "View hidden files and folders"
    • PFPX and ASN
      By Tom A320 · Posted
      That folder is usually a hidden folder. But there is a shortcut configured in your system that leads you to the same point: C:\Users\your_name\ApplicationData\Hifi\...  
    • No Email Confirmation
      By RobsonM · Posted
      Degt, I've sent you private message. Did you receive it?
    • PFPX and ASN
      By Andersm · Posted
      I just can't find the appdata folder ?
    • PFPX interpolation and Active Sky Next
      By braindamage02 · Posted
      Hey all - I have the exact same problem but the issue is with winds at LAT/LON waypoints.  The examples above are not going to demonstrate the issue since they're all using named waypoints.  The issue Calzoni92 is experiencing is with the LAT/LON waypoints.  As you'll note, the winds at JANJO are fairly close (and certainly close enough to allow for time differences).  It's once you get to the LAT/LON waypoints that it all falls apart.  I can provide screenshots later but here's what I experience, since ASN updated to SP3: PFPX subscription is expired.  I use ASN for my weather source.  I usually fly using historical weather.  Typically I'll start up PFPX first and plan the route, payload, altitudes and speed (I fly RW flights so I fly the route the actual flight took).  I then start up ASN, set the historical time to roughly 30 minutes prior to the flight's pushback.  Once that has downloaded, I update the weather in PFPX.  This is confirmed with METARs, TAFs and whatnot matching the expected time.  Now when I compute, the winds reported for named waypoints are accurate, the winds for the LAT/LON waypoints are not.  I flew KATL-LIPZ the other day and the ETE was nearly an hour off.  The winds inside the sim, using ASN as the source, were accurate and my final ETE was within a few minutes of the RW flight.  The issue seems to be with the LAT/LON waypoints and how ASN reports and PFPX reads wind at those waypoints.  Which side is the issue on?  That's what we need to find out.
    • PFPX and ASN
      By mopperle · Posted
      should be in the following folder: c:\users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\HIFI\ASNFSX\Weather
    • X-Plane 10.40 Beta Process (Beta 11)
      By Heinz Flichtbeil · Posted
      Hello, now the X-Plane 10.40 Beta 11 is available. Please see post 1. Greets Heinz
    • Mallorca & Ibiza Evo (Night Lighting with ORBX)
      By Autopiloth · Posted
      if that´s the case than nothing can be done by us to make them show. Seems like ORBX lights are simply not compatible to overlaying photo sceneries.
      Which was intended by Microsoft (photo sceneries covering landclass sceneries) and does not happen by accident or because we did something wrong
      with the photo scenery.