FS2004 Repaints

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In this section you will find repaints for the FS2004 aircraft created by the Aerosoft developers

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  1. Wilco Airbus Vol. 1

    Here is my paint of Lufthansa A321 "Kaiserlautern" for fs9

    Hope you like it.




  2. de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver "Rocky's Flying Beaver"

    Kenmore Air Harbor, "Rocky's Flying Beaver" for the FS2004 Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver package... Kenmore Air's N57576 Beaver was repainted in 2010 in this Rocky and Bullwinkle paint scheme... although the real aircraft depicts the DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 8 seat model with the bubble side windows... Aerosoft's 8 seat float model has vary apparent texture mapping issues... so I choose to use the 5 seat float model instead... it's not true to the real aircraft, but the 5 seat model has fewer errors...By Greg Spellmen