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    • Yeah, I now i know what the word Professional means, but what im talking about is the realistic of the airbus a30 family, an example: most of the buttons you cannot press it
    • i prefer the new way, if you think about real life, there's no menu with this features in the MDCU. So a pop up way for me is the correct way to do it. the configuration od the addon etc etc etc inside a special menu not in the vc
    • thank god someone talks about that. i don't understand why people don't like to see somebody telling about his illusion to fly this plane
    • Aaaaalso, das Ding ist eine 9,8 kW Windkraftanlage der DHBW Mannheim, Typ Aircon 10 S, Rotordurchmesser 7,1 m. Der Turm hat eine Nabenhöhe von 30 Meter. Hab die Höhe mal in OSM nachgetragen.   Infos: https://www.dhbw-mannheim.de/aktuelles/details/artikel/angehende-ingenieure-starten-mit-der-dhbw-mannheim-in-die-energiezukunft.html https://www.wind-turbine-models.com/turbines/157-aircon-10-s
    • Eine neue Bemalung für den A 330-300 von RW Design . Viel Spass beim Fliegen !https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/profile/465767-lidlrico/content/&type=downloads_file
    • Bereits gibt's wieder Neuigkeiten von Binky. Der Spass kommt auf einer Antarktis-Mission offenbar auch nicht zu kurz.   We arrived at King Edward Point and sat at my desk, I only have to raise my eyes a little to see the Grytviken Church and the old whaling station across the bay. I was ashore for the afternoon for a walk/ride around to the whaling station and to visit the church once again and have a play with the old bellow-operated organ!

      And that's where I was yesterday.

        I had a weather station that wasn't working anymore, so I finally got aloft to look at the thing and (short version) got it working. But it's a very long way to look down! It's about 30 metres up to the 'gods' !!!

      Then I managed to run ashore in the afternoon and beat the cruiseship passengers to the Post Office. With a hundred punters coming ashore from the M/S Hanseatic (a German Vessel), I was happy to get to the front of the queue to get some mail away. (post card is on it's way.) However, you have to realise that the mail waits till next week when we return to KEP, pick up the mail, and transport it to the postal system in the Falklands !? ahha

      I also had a go at bashing away on the pump-action organ in the church. I hope God doesn't object to Elton John played badly in a church???

      Then it was time for the International Football match...    
      Shackleton United took on...

      ...the undisputed Champions of King Edward Point Rovers.
        It was a pleasant enough day and along with the Hanseatic Cruise ship being in the bay and all the tourists looking on, it was a really good 'turn out' (I believe I even saw royalty amongst the fray when our Queen Elizabeth happened by). There were tactics, shouting, sprains, bruises, cuts and blood and eventually, an outcome:   Shackleton United 1 - KEP 5 Whoops !!!   It was followed later by a BBQ to finish the evening, but alas, I was far too cold having frozen my butt off under the shadow of Mount Hodges and I didn't have the excuse of running around like a thing demented to keep me warm!  So home for a hot shower, and even that didn't work,  so I climbed under a warm duvet ... and promptly fell asleep (I must be getting old).

      We left KEP yesterday morning after a jolly day alongside this week. To begin with, it was the first decent day of weather we have really had since leaving the Falkland Islands. When the sun shines at Bird Island, it's usually because there's a blizzard blowing through which clears the clouds for a while, so sunny days we may have had, but still too blowy to go aloft.
      Now it is back to Bird Island where the weather is wonderful. We stay her for the rest of February, but have one more call to make at King Edward Point (for a re-match???) and collect all the mail.

      From Bird Island it will be 3 days back to the Falklands and Stanley (SFAL). I often fly SFAL to EGYP on the falklands in the BAS Twin Otter Model from RW Designs on the dot.org.

      Hey btw, my friend and Gyro-modeller Jerry Scott, was flying around your Antarctic Scenery from Deception and was thrilled to find that Shackleton and his men were about to depart on their epic journey from ELEPHANT ISLAND ... Brilliant.

      After the Falklands we go for a week alongside in Rothera and on the way back call in at Signy on the South Orkney Islands. Hopefully you can 'fly down' and join me there.
      Rothera 21 maerz
      Signy   29 maerz.
      Then home to the Falklands again.   Lustig zu sehen, wie manche Menschen ihre Selbstachtung verlieren, sobald der Fussball sie in ihren Bann gezogen hat.    Erneut besten Dank, Binky, für die letzten Sportnachrichten aus Süd Georgien. Wir sind gespannt, wie das Rückspiel ausgeht.
    • guten abend scorpio2001de, ich habe mir deinen link bei goggle angesehen und dort diesen Masten (Windrad) auch entdeckt. Ich denke mir entscheidend wird hier die Höhe, bzw. die Größe der Rotorblätter sein. Schau dir das Ganze mal im Flusi an, ich denke aus Flugsicherheitsgründen kann die dort generierte Größe der Anlage keinen Bestand haben. Danke für deine Rückantwort und gute Nacht, Wolfgang
    •   Please read the explanations given for that on page number one of this topic.  
    •   could you name some examples - I would like to have a look at them as I also love to have up to date airport layouts
    •   FS porn.  You can be a real tease, Dave.   --WH