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  2. mopperle

    FS9/FSX to P3Dv4

    No, You have the very old Barcelona X, which is many years old and has been followed by Barcelona Evolution, which had a lot of improvement compared to the old version. Now Barcelona Prof. again adds new features which had be done especially for P3Dv4 and the overall scenery has been recompiled for P3Dv4 and therefore runs only und P3Dv4. So being able to upgrade from a pre-pre Version to the latest product for 19.11 Euro is IMHO a fair price. And this applies to all products which have been reworked (partially or complete) to be compatible with P3Dv4. Also there are some newer products which only needed a different installer to run under P3Dv4. Simply check your account for new installers. Also you should check this page to see which of your products are being made compatible for P3Dv4 and how the upgrade path looks like.
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  4. Sam Arnold

    FS9/FSX to P3Dv4

    Hi team, with regard to my previous post: So going from the FS9/FSX version to the P3Dv4 version, I basically have to re-purchase the whole scenery for EUR 19.11? The scenery is basically the same overall design as the FSX version, so why are we having to pay the price all over again, albeit a 30% discount? Looks like I'll have to do this with all my Aerosoft sceneries, many of which I have only used a couple of times in FSX? Please give me some insight to this reasoning, Regards Samuel.
  5. Flc

    Smoke Tire

    Hi I get a lot of smoke on landing airbus 319, can some one tell me, guide me what I have to do. in fsx se I have a lot of smoke file in the effect folder which of them is related to the smoke tire? I delete the fix.smoke.w.fix and nothing happened. regards Flc
  6. lh777


    I bought the product and it's fantastic. Are further improvements planned? Will the xfeed valves be added? Any failures?
  7. Tjee, we are really only focussed on the A318/.A319 at this moment and hardly think about the A330 at this moment. Sorry.
  8. There is an option to load/not to load the rwy with the flightplan/CO ROUTE. That is also modeled in the current FSX version. IRL the rwy is not loaded with the flightplan.
  9. Detlef Krueger

    Sound of the AN-2

    I`m afraid so too.
  10. Yes, I would hope so. I have yet to see an aircraft FMC that auto detects the departure/arrival information like runway and SID/STAR from the flightplan. That is of course not taking into consideration that actual dep/arr rwy could vary from what is there in the plan.
  11. srcooke

    Adding aircraft to PFPX

    I cannot really add to the instruction documented on the AirlinerPerformance website under INSTALLATION
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Mathijs Kok

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    I would for starters delete the shaders folder so you are looking at the simulator as Lockheed and we intended it to be looked at. If you still have the issue after that you know at least it is not because of tweak.
  14. Mathijs Kok

    The manuals

    Thanks, will be corrected.
  15. Attached you find a Version of the Afcad, where the Runway 02 open for landing, 20 open for takeoff. Only use this version for EFB Database Updates, not useable for ATC and AI Traffic. Make a backup of the original file. For EFB Only: AFCAD for LEBL Prof only for EFB
  16. masterhawk

    Problems LGKR Aerosoft - double Runways etc.

    Hi the file is here, but I don’t think it will solve your problem, as this is a mesh fix. Your problem sounds more like a double AFCAD or scenery library priority issue.
  17. aviatorles

    Adding aircraft to PFPX

    please help....the files that i downloaded are of different type than those i found inside the aircraft type folder....what to do....?
  18. The old LEBL FSX/P3D is just not compatible with P3Dv4. That’s the reason why there is another product: Barcelona Professional. This is designed for P3Dv4. If you own the old, you can get it for an upgrade price.
  19. pedroquitas1

    Auto pilot disconnect

    Sorry for the late reply, but it's supposed to do that. The Airbus automatically disengages the autopilot if you move your Joystick more than a small move. That is so when something happens with the aircraft you don't need to press the button to disable the autopilot, then start flying. You start flying right away.
  20. Hi team, Just downloaded the latest LEBL for FSX P3D, but the install file says it's for P3D v2. I'm running P3D v4.2, and when I first access the airport in the Sim, I get an immediate CTD before 1% loading. The only airport I have any success with is LFPO, but even that has bleeding taxiway textures. EDDM won't even show any runways or taxiways, just the buildings. All my airports from Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam, Imaginesim, LatinVFR, Tropicalsim, etc work fine! Just these old AS ones don't seem to be very compatible. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  21. My first install of the CRJ worked flawless in P3D V4. For various reasons I chose to completely uninstall and reinstall P3D V4 and all of my add-ons. Now the throttle control for my CRJ is irratic. All other products work fine. I've tried various combinations of 1. CRJ Manager Throttle Axis Value Range Default or FSUIPC without reverse range 2. FSUIPC axis assignment Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration or Send to FS as normal axis or No FSUIPC assignment and direct through P3D assignment 3. Throttle axis devices CH Products Pro Throttle or CH Products Yoke Throttle axis I've calibrated both devices in Windows 10 and in FSUIPC. I uninstalled and reinstalled the CRJ product (version 1.0.5) and applied the hotfix. I applied the filter option to the axis in FSUIPC None of this has helped. The displayed throttle jumps around as I move the physical controller ...I'm out of ideas.
  22. Do RAIN REMOVAL levers are simulated ? If YES (from the manual seems that are simulated) I have no click spots. Sam
  23. Herman

    Aerosoft A320/321 autopilot glitch

    There's a dedicated section of the support forums for this. I moved it there for you out of the general one.
  24. Hello friends, been a while since I've been back in touch with this community. As a Airbus rated pilot for Delta VA I'm excited about the A330 especially (having flown on it IRL). Judging from current events AS plans to release their A319/320 June 26th or maybe later depending. I was wondering what time range (not date) can be given for the A330? as soon as it is released I will get my SIC rating for the 330 since it's a Stage IV aircraft and am planning to upgrade. Can the time range be this summer sometime? And yes I have read the past few pages, it's good to be back
  25. Version 1.0.0


    This is a repaint for the Airbus A320 IAE version for Aerosoft
  26. Yesterday
  27. Jonathan93102

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Hello again, Just to update - I appear to have fixed it (I've impressed myself hah). I uninstalled V4 Client and re-installed it and now I have all my lights back on. Must have been a faulty Shader. Thanks again, Jonathan.
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