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  3. Agreed 4K exterior would be really cool... Again, i asked this before but didnt received an answer... Will the new Busses feature keyboard control support?
  4. Right, preparing for the next leg to Calcutta (Kolkota). If I remember the book correctly, Fogg and Passepartout travelled to Calcutta from Bombay by train, only to find out the British Traveller guide forgot to mention that the track ends at Kholby (central India) and continues from Alahabad, some 50km north. As I've also been pestered by our COO @Thorsten42 at Andras Meridian VA about taking straight routes instead of the route Fogg took, I'm listening to his ramblings and thought: why not force it for all? As nowadays the tracks run through, I'm going to put this part back to the times of Fogg and disable this railway using the Mighty B-17 Flying Fortress. So route set via VOR's and NDB's, forecast looking ok on winds but foggy as it's apparantly always there this time of year. Crew is now checking all systems and loading the presents for the Jabalpur railroad yards.
  5. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Tag 20 - Oktober/21/2017 Flugzeug: Cirrus SR20 - Kennung: D-ESRT - Ort: Masirah OOMA - Sim: X-Plane 11 Flugzeit: - Std - min. Strecke: - nm (Gesamtstrecke: 4592 nm - Gesamtflugzeit: 33 Std 56 Min) Flug: Masirah (Oman) über das Arabische Meer nach Bombay (Mumbai) / Indien. ca. 800 nm. Das Wetter (Bombay) ist zum Glück in den nächsten Tagen gut genug. Meist Sonnig mit ein paar Wolken. Kein Regen. Um die 30 °C. Zwar keine große Sichtweite, aber es geht noch. Zeitplanung: Es ist 16:30 lcl Masirah (Oman). Ich bin gerade bei der Flug und Treibstoffplanung für den Flug über das Arabische Meer nach Mumbai (Bombay) VABB. Gar nicht so einfach. lcl Masirah ist 2 Std weiter als MESZ und Mumbai ist 3 1/2 Std weiter als MESZ, also 1 1/2 Std weiter als Masirah (=> 5 1/2 Std weiter als UTC). Vorgenommen habe ich mir zum Sonnenaufgang in Bombay anzukommen. Sonnenaufgang ist dort ab 6:35 lcl Mumbai. Das bedeutet, wenn ich um 7:00 lcl Mumbai ankommen möchte, dann muss ich bei einer geplanten Flugzeit von ca. 6 Std um 23:30 lcl Masirah (= 01:00 Bombayzeit) losfliegen. Mumbai/Bombay ist um 1 1/2 Std weiter als Masirah (und um 3 1/2 Std weiter als die MESZ). Also losfliegen um 21:30 MESZ (Mittel Europäische Sommer Zeit), hier an meinem PC (heute oder spätestens morgen). Ich hoffe, ich habe jetzt keinen Fehler gemacht Aber ich fliege ja der Sonne entgegen. Kann also nicht so schlimm werden. Treibstoffplanung: Mit den beiden vollen Flügeltanks (je 27 Gal) kann ich ca. 5 Std fliegen ( 1 Std Flugzeit verbraucht ca. 10,8 Gal Treibstoff bei entsprechender Leistungseinstellung). 6 Std werde ich wohl brauchen. Dazu 2 Std Reserve. Es sind also 8 Std Flugzeit einzuplanen. Es muss somit für 3 Std Flugzeit Treibstoff in die Zusatztanks. Ich fülle die beiden Zusatztanks also mit je 16 Gal (das sind ca. 100 lbs pro Tank). Also insgesamt 32 Gal Zusatz => 3 Std zusätzliche Flugzeit. Das Gesamtgewicht der Cirrus SR20 bleibt damit im Limit (siehe Bild). 1 Gal => 6,02 lbs (AVGAS). Ich werde also dann, wenn ich mit den Flügeltanks ca. 32 Gal (16 Gal pro Tank) verbraucht habe, die jeweils 16 Gal pro Zusatztank in die beiden Flügeltanks umpumpen. Dann sind die Flügeltanks wieder voll. Das Ganze muss also nach ca. 3 Std Flugzeit passieren. Die Zusatztanks simuliere ich in der Cirrus SR20 mit den beiden Gewichtsreglern für die Passagiere der hinteren Sitze (siehe Bild). Diese werde ich nach ca. 3 Std auf Null zurückregeln (entspricht je -16 Gal) und dafür die Flügeltanks auf Max schieben (entspricht je +16 Gal). Das simuliert dann das Umpumpen. Der Schwerpunkt regelt sich dann ja automatisch und korrekt mit. Die Cirrus SR20 hat einen eingebauten Timer. Und ich habe mir noch einen Extra Timer mitgenommen. Es sollte also alles klappen Über das Meer fliege ich immerhin nachts. Aber man sieht da ja so oder so nicht viel Hier mal der Flugplan und meine Tankplanung: Gruß Heinz
  6. CFD "Not connected"

    I understand. Please read the OVPA Guides, they will help and educate you on some important things regarding Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck. Best wishes.
  7. CFD "Not connected"

    But that's only the problem wth him. With another friend I don't have this and everything works as it should be
  8. CFD "Not connected"

  9. My feedback on the CRJ

    Well Dave, we have thousands of customers who don't have any problem with the LNAV or any other major issues that some customers have - but we are concerned that some people have had issues and we are working hard to over come this issue.. As I've stated several times here in the forums, not one of the Beta team had any major issues with the release candidate. This means that the problems some have must have something to do with the differences between their computers and the computers of those who aren't suffering these problems. In other words, if we don't know about a problem, we don't know about the problem. If we had known prior to release, then of course we wouldn't have released it - nobody at Aerosoft is stupid. Now, based on your comments I have to assume that you're either very new to the flight simulation community, or you just haven't purchased other high end commercial aircraft at release. The most celebrated PMDG model (the NGX) had serious problems at release (and none of their Beta Testers/Dev Team had seen them either), as have many other high-end addons. The Aerosoft In House Beta Team is comprised of pilots certified on the platform and some of the most experienced flight simmers in the community, and they know how to test software. I myself am professionally certified at testing software, and I flew the wings off the CRJ for well over a year prior to release with many of my flights being live streamed to the community and anyone who watched them could see that I didn't have the issues that SOME are having. We believe people are suffering from these problems, and Hans has been working to re-write code to over come them for people who see these problems. But it's difficult because he can't reproduce it either. Again, there is some type of difference between the software on the computers. It is noteworthy that the few who took Mathijs advice and reinstalled Windows and all their flight sim software had the problems disappear. Finally, it is common for people not to have any issues with one piece of software, and then have problems with another. We see this all the time in the flight sim community, and it almost always points to a problem on the customer's system, a problem that doesn't show itself until a new product is installed. I'm not suggesting this is the issue here, I merely state this to address those posts we see where customers say "this aircraft works just fine, so it has to be the CRJ". There are a lot of variables that most customers aren't aware of and such comparisons, while they might seem logical to customers, just aren't accurate. Next time you feel like criticizing a flight sim developer, I might suggest reading past staff comments or at least asking some questions first. In this case, your criticism is unfounded and way off base, but that doesn't mean that we don't understand your frustrations. After all, we are flight simmers too! My best wishes to you, and hope that our upcoming update resolves the problems you're having.
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  11. CFD "Not connected"

    It shouldn't be a problem with Hamachi since we get a ping from each other. We use V3.4. My friend and I bought it from Simmarket and with another friend there are no problems. All the other things above have been done. I will have a look into port forwarding whatever that is...
  12. bruchpilot

    Due to technical problems I couldn't continue my travel to Mumbai on the next day. That comes surprising after two successful flights with the updated environment : XP11.05 and the A332 was updated to JD330 V2.2RC1 Today I was able to fly the second part of the journey from Cairo (HECA) to Mumbai (VABB). My planned route: OYAA DCT KRA P751 BISET VABB Estimated duration : 3:55 h
  13. CFD "Not connected"

    Where did you guys purchase the Airbus from? If you purchased from Steam, there is a problem with the Steam Installation that prevents Connected Flight Deck from working. I would recommend getting a refund from Steam and purchasing the Airbus from Aerosoft. If you purchased the Airbus from any other source other than Steam, then you should be fine. Be sure you both disabled any security software prior to installing the Airbus, have Windows User Account Control (UAC) slider set all the way down, and run the Airbus installer "As Admin". Also be sure you both have the same NavData and that is is selected in the Configurator. If you done all of the above, then Hamachi is giving you problems (normal). I don't support Hamachi (and Aerosoft no longer recommends it), but instead highly recommend using Port Forwarding. For more information on this and troubleshooting your connection, please see the OVPA Guides pinned to the top of this forum. Please write back to let me know how you make out! Best wishes.
  14. Diary Entry # 40: Where are we?? Sylvania did not answer Manwell's question. They sat around in silence for what seemed like an eternity, when suddenly, Babushka's side door was flung open, & Lambert clambered in. Very agitated. "Where are we??", he boomed into the darkness. "I believe Monsieur, in Muscat", Roger replied. "Where is that?", Lambert continued. "Oman monsieur", Roger replied. "B-gger!!", Lambert yelled. "B-gger, B-gger, B-gger!" "Something is the matter monsieur?", Roger ventured. "I thought we were flying over bl-dy Yemen. It was Oman!!", Lambert growled, pacing back & forth in the dark, nearly tripping over Loretta in the dark. They all waited. "Right, first thing in the morning we're off to Gwadar in Pakistan, just over the border from Iran. Port town. Then on to Karachi. Have to get to Karachi ASAP. I have an important meeting" & Lambert through a withering look somewhere in Sylvania's direction in the early dawn murk. To be continued Windswept
  15. network problem with fsc 9.7.1

    User reports in a PM: thanks for the reply Volker the problem I had was that I was running the database manager from the start menu entry not direct from the installation folder everything ok now regards Richard sankey
  16. General question about sky textures

    Personally I use a mix of all three. Envtex for the skies, REX for clouds, water, etc. and ASCA for the cloud models. If I'd have to pick just one of the three I'd say go for REX. It offers the best balance between everything.
  17. My feedback on the CRJ

    I'm still utterly dumbfounded as to how this product was deemed fit for release, I've never seen such backlash from the customers for an addon and even worse such denial and head burying from the devs. The thing was pretty much unusable at launch and to this day the LNAV issue is still on going.
  18. CFD "Not connected"

    Hello together, Me and a friend want to fly shared cockpit. We have hamachi startet as an administrator, also get a ping from each other and we also have the same version of the Airbus (We downloaded it just a few days ago again). Now when we step into P3D V3,4 we select the same livery and start the flight. Standing at the airport, we switch into the turn arround state and get into the second MCDU to connect. I select Master he selects slave. I enable the connection and so does he. Other than it should be it does not say Connected however it says "Not connected" in this white font. We have the IP 4 copied into the configurator and in the configurator we also have the exact same settings. In Hamachi we have the same port settings and have enabled all data traffic. I can't really see what we are doing wrong. Any suggestions ? Greetings, Lennart
  19. Right now i have 3 options. ENVTEX, REX TD -HD and ASCA, what is the best for P3d, and why? I seem cant chose which one, but i am looking at ASCA, but also ENVTEX looks rather good too, but again, REX TD - HD id a little better then the other two, but again, what is the best?
  20. quaxpilot

    No more old airline posters? I love the ones you found earlier Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  21. Jess B

    Your Dove is somehow soooo cute... A really good looking design. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  22. My Traffic 2013 not work

    Mine Traffic is not working too I have looked at your link and also read all the posts i could find also from Emanual. I have following settings or information, I have also tried airports not near to addon airports. Microsoft Flight Simulator X D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ FSX plus Service Pack 2 MyTraffic 2013 D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\Aircraft ApplicationData User (FSX.cfg/dll.xml): C:\Users\FSX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX ApplicationData All Users (Scenery.cfg): C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX ApplicationData Flights: C:\Users\FSX\Documents\Flight Simulator X-Dateien\ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// fsx.cfg SimObjectPaths.10=MyTraffic\aircraft ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DLL.XML <Launch.Addon> <Name>Traffic Toolbox</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Scenery.fcg [Area.250] Title=MyTraffic 2013 Layer=116 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=MyTraffic /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  23. Most of your beautiful images of the Constellation are in .PNG format. If you convert them to .JPG format, they will be physically much smaller and your upload limit will not be so vulnerable. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  24. Demnächst wird es ja sehr wahrscheinlich auch Niki A321 in Eurowingsfarben geben. Hättest du nicht lust, diese auch umzusetzen. (SL und ohne)
  25. DaveLTB

    Saturday 21st October - VANP (Nagpur) Waiting for the weather to clear - not much luck. Time to go... Leaving Nagpur - heavy mist Crossing Lake Narmada at 5000ft just below the cloud level - wierd lighting effects Approaching Allahabad - In and out of cloud - late afternoon sunlight lighting the ground below Allahabad suspension bridge at the confluence of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati. Medieval Allahabad Fort Hanuman Temple Allahabad Railway Station Queen Victoria's memorial Today's flight - VANP (Nagpur) to VIAL (Allahabad)
  26. Sideout

    Set 3 complete Bombay to Calcutta (or whatever the youngsters call them today...) Very misty early on when leaving Bombay Tower view, strictly IFR A small strip in the middle of a jungle, interesting! A few more facilities at Calcutta Time for a curry and Elephant beer! The story so far, this is a different experience from the last RTW. Brisk would be a good description Bring on Set 4..
  27. Hallo, ich habe mir vor einer Woche die B777 Worldliner Professional gekauft und habe nur Probleme, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand helfen. Da gibt es zum einen Kleinigkeiten wie z.B. die Notrutschen, die zu 80% beim öffnen der Türen rauskommen. Oder das ich das Flugzeug mehrmals betanken muss bis er den den Sprit auch wirklich on Board hat. Das ich aber von 10 Flügen nur einen beenden konnte stört mich da schon mehr. - Speedbrakes kann ich oft nicht mehr setzen, weder mit Joystick, Tastatur oder im 3D Cockpit - Funkfreq. kann ich manchmal nicht mehr einstellen. - Autopilot lässt sich nicht mehr ausschalten und wenn doch fliegt das Flugzeug nur noch den letzten Kurs. - VNav arbeitet nur wenn es will - Plötzlich sind während des Fluges die Tanks leer. Unvorhergesehene Probleme hab ich ausgeschaltet und alle c++ redistributable Libraries seit 2005 sind installiert. Ist das eigentlich normal das beim Starten eines neuen Fluges ein CMD Fenster und einen Textdatei geöffnet werden? Gruß Silk5632
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