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  2. Hi, no problems at my end with latest P3Dv4 HF1. Are you using PTA or something like that? Have you tried to clear the shader cache?
  3. I have this in heavy turbulence with AS16, but thats not CRJ fault, i turned the turbulence down to 10% 100% is way to much
  4. Navigation lights issue

    That is likely an Anti Aliasing setting. The aircraft looks fine to me in FSX:SE, P3DV3 and P3DV4. Best wishes.
  5. Is this happening to anyone else? The beacon and the red nav light looks square. Is there a fix for this? The green nav light is ok. Latest version.
  6. Hello , In the Nightime NapoliX Airport has some errors in Trees and Buildings as you can see on the Photos . Whats wrong there . I use OrbX and FTX Central . I found an article about Problems with the default.xml. Is it right. I uninstall and reinstall the Scenery but without success . Thanks for Help Michael
  7. Hallo , Es gibt Probleme mit der Nacht Ansicht der Napoli X Szenerie . Am Tag sieht alles normal aus aber nachts sind Gebäude und die Bäume fehlerhaft . Siehe Fotos . Habe den Betrag über das Orbx FTX Central und der default.xml gelesen . Habe die Napoli X Szenerie komplett deinstalliert und neu installiert aber ohne Erfolg . Auch das Napoli Autogen File das in den V4 Addons Folder kopiert werden sollte brachte keinen Erfolg . Bitte um Unterstützung . Danke Michael
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  9. CTD mega topic

    Sim - FSX Steam CTD twice on the same flight at the same point. Descending following the STAR and CTD just before a HOLD waypoint that is part of the STAR. Did not click on anything at the time. fsx_62615_crash_2017_8_20T16_55_18C0.mdmp fsx_62615_crash_2017_8_20T19_32_28C0.mdmp
  10. CYBD fehlt

    CYBD Bella Coola fehlt in der Datenbank. Ist es möglich diese Daten zu ergänzen? Es gibt nämlich eine sehr schöne Payware Szenerie für CYPD und es ist sehr schade, dass dieser Flugplatz in der Datenbank nicht vorhanden ist. [edit]Ich habe mir mal ein paar Daten erarbeitet, wäre schön, wenn ihr die in die airports.txt ergänzen könnt:
  11. FSX stürzt ab

    wenn es "tageszeitabhängig" ist, dann probiere mal step 2 aus meinem post vom 6.8. (ich tippe auf ein kaputtes AI Modell)
  12. I've just bought, downloaded and installed this aircraft from the Aerosoft store and have a question about the serial number, or lack of. There's no serial number for this addon shown in my Aerosoft account but I've successfully got it running in X-Plane 11 without apparently needing one. However the manual shows one needs to be entered, although it seems to be out of date and shows an earlier version of X-Plane. Is this OK? Andy L
  13. Is Tapatalk no longer supported?

    thanks for the information
  14. Is Tapatalk no longer supported?

    The forum software was updated the other day and as a consequence the tapatalk integration needs to be updated as well. As Aerosoft is currently busy with the Gamescom 2017 this might take a few more days to happen.
  15. CTD mega topic

    Latest version of P3D v4. RNAVZ Rwy 27 approach into CYXE. Descending through 25000 feet and I brought the throttles all the way back opened the FMC and simulator froze and then a CTD. No dmp files sorry.
  16. Is Tapatalk no longer supported?

    can you tell us the answer? I have the same problem. thanks
  17. Well, theres an easy way to handle that problem :-) At least without the last fix, cant say about that one. Just do the SID and STAR by the fmc. Go heading mode in crd until the STAR. It seems only be problematic in CRS mode. At least for me. Flying heading to the STAR and the SID itself are o problem if one matches the speed the the airplane.
  18. Aerosoft Nordlichter Uetersen Patch
  19. Checklist problem

    FSX-A user, but can you cycle the MAN FLAPS from the VC stick?
  20.   On 22.5.2017 at 20:33, Ivan Rogerssagte:

    Hi Mathijs,

    I have the first 3 fonts installed in FSX/Fonts but not the last two.




    I did a re-install of the gliders over the weekend and it has not installed these two fonts.

    Would be able to send these two fonts to me




      On 23.5.2017 at 09:39, Mathijs Koksagte:

    Send it to you talktalk address.


    But a Windows update that prevents a from from installing in the FS font folder? That sounds very very weird.


    Can I get LCD.ttf, LCD_MONO.ttf and LCD_MONO_italic.ttf too. Have the same Problem. Thank you 


  21. Version 1.0.0


    Hope you like it, enjoy!
  22. Bildschwankungen

    Danke gleichfalls ...
  23. Bildschwankungen

    Danke Heinz, das war die Lösung für mein Problem. Muß ich aus Versehen aktiviert haben. Wünsch noch eine schönen Rest Sonntag.
  24. "Fake" TCAS rel/abs selection?

    Excellent post (and, of course, excellent bladder ... ;-) ), Jim. If I were a dev, I'd either model REL only, or both ... Just noticed in one of my addon aircraft that this has been modeled already. Thank you, Jim!
  25. you can also get the data out of the FMS, Index and then Arrival data
  26. Aerosoft Airbus projects for 2018 preview

    Hi, Will we be able to switch the 'Retractable light' switches separately in the A31x/A32x 2018 version???
  27. Flying from Rzeszow to Munich, I opened the FSX map viewer in order to get the ILS information for EDDM. A few seconds after opening the map, the CRJ crashed on me, leaving a dump file. Seeing Aerosoft like people to upload these via Dropbox, I've left mine below.
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