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  2. Adamthepilotkid

    Very short warning sound

    I did some tests. I feel like this is already known but I’ll repeat it anyway. The conditions seem to be varied, I looked at several videos. One guy had it as soon as he turned on the batteries. Another person had it when he loaded the Turn Around state. A third person had it when the nav lights were on, the batteries were off but Ext Pwr connected and on. And the PED at auto with parking brakes off. I tried recreating all of these scenarios but without luck. I also tried measuring the length of the time between beeps. In one case the beeps were every 10-15 seconds. Another case had the beeps at roughly every thirty seconds. Plus, after playing through a YouTube videos at the slowest playback speed and pausing on the warning showing up, there was no messages or anything on the ECAM. Essentially, I couldn’t recreate the problem and the range of conditions when the beep appears means it’s hard to figure out what to recreate. Any ideas?
  3. Frank Docter

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    Why do you want to trim an aircraft that is „trimmed out“ all the time by itself? Like Masterhawk said, the Airbus has autotrim, this has nothing to do with the AutoPilot. The Airbus does not let you trim yourself when inflight with all systems functioning.
  4. Polo

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    You still have auto trim function all the time AP on or flying manually in NORMAL ( simulated by aerosoft ) and ALTERNATE law .( not simulated )
  5. quaxpilot

    FPS Probleme (Abstürze)

    Aloha! Manchmal ( nach Aenderungen/Updates XP oder an den Grafiktreibern) ist es hilfreich, dass Verzeichnis "shadercache" <disk>:\<XPlane-Hauptverzeichnis>\Output\shadercache einfach mal zu loeschen. Ein weitere Hilfe waere das Loeschen des "preferences"-Verzeichnisses <disk>:\<XPlane-Hauptverzeichnis>\Output\preferences Vorher sollte man aber aus dem Verzeichnis "preferences" noch folgende Dateien sichern und nach einem Neustart und anschliessendem Beenden von XPlane wieder dorthin zurueck kopieren ( mit Ueberschreiben): X-Plane Calibration.prf X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf X-Plane Keys.prf Versuche aber erstmal die shadercache-Geschichte. Trotz der Sicherungen bei den preferences muesstest du trotzdem danach noch wieder einiges in XPlane einstellen. Da merke dir auch mal deine Grafikeinstellungen etc. vorher bzw. mache screenshots von den Einstellungsmenues. safe landings Lem
  6. Jammin16

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Hi, After I have now become the owner of Aerofts Hamburg-Finkenwerder, I would like to know if anyone knows if they are over the Boeing Air Field (KBFI) and Toulouse Blagnac Airport (LFBO) For P3D v4??? I think it's would be very nice to have this airports/ Air Fields.
  7. I seem to have the newest version. But I still can't get it to work... And I followed the other topic that you linked.
  8. lacsa01

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    hi masterhawk, thanks for your reply. Yes I know that there´s no need to trim in the airbus - at normaly circumstances. But what if I want to fly this aircraft completely manualy? no matter if I want to do a large approach completely by hand or for example doing some turns over an event like the Harbour-Day in Hamburg where all the airbus making turns over the harbor in an altitude of 1000 feet - so I want to fly the aircraft completely by hand and that´s when I need to trim the aircarft manualy ....???? If anyone knows why I can´t do that why the aircraft is blocking the trim althought AP ist not engaged? Thanks a lot and best wishes and greets Bob
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  10. jiasm

    Spad Next

    Hello, is it possible to use the saitek multipanel with spad next registered, I have managed to find a profile but only the gear lever, and radios work, does anyone have any solution, thanks.
  11. Walter Almaraz

    Livery manager A319

    Hola, El livery manager lo puede encontrar en la siguiente carpeta: ...aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Livery Manager Saludos, Walter
  12. MikaV

    Shadow around plane

    Thank's i try that.
  13. chumley

    Wind request issue

    When can we expect the next update?
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. gregoryv

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Hello. I reinstalled Aerosoft bus again. I also did step by step flight. Same issue. I can't use the product. I asked for a refund cause I can't fly with the aircraft. Gregory
  16. DJJose

    Question for Hans

    Tested without ezdok and I still lose the flood light if I pan. They go on and off depending on where I pan in VC. I tried different AA settings and still occurred. Could this be related to the too many lights bug in DL?
  17. Hello, after some others flights, i had no more problems. Michel
  18. Hello, problem is solved. I have done one error with the maps from datapro between Low and hight jetways. Michel.
  19. Dear Mathijs


    Are you able to tell when we can expect an update for some serious bugs in the A318/319 pro.


    *During the flight the plane is acting all of a sudden like it has been drinking 2 bottles of vodka. it is spinning all around.

    * If you fly the plane without the help of the FO it won't follow the route in AP /NAV mode.



    with kind Regards



  20. masterhawk

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    There is no need to trim in flight. The airbus has auto trim. Next, there is only the trim wheel in the real aircraft, no buttons. To use the mouse wheel is the most realistic solution.
  21. Shivam3005

    Unable to trim the aircraft

    I have found this to happen after the last update. Using my yoke trim switch makes big jumps, have to use mouse wheel for now.
  22. EliteSnipz301202

    Problem mit Yoke und Maussteuerung

    Hallo, ich habe gestern meinen Saitek Yoke bekommen jetzt hatte ich bei jedem Flug bisher das Problem, dass irgendwann nach dem Start meine Kamera nach rechts geht, die Maussteuerung aktiviert wird und mein Yoke sich deaktiviert auch wenn ich die Maussteuerung wieder ausschalte funktioniert mein Yoke nicht mehr fliegen ist so vollkommen unmöglich ... gibt es irgendeine Möglichkeit die Maussteuerung komplett zu deaktivieren ? Ich bin dankbar für jede Hilfe :/ PS: Mit meinem Joystick hatte ich dieses Problem nicht
  23. masterhawk

    Pop-Up MCDU Lighting

    Added to the list.
  24. fms737

    PMDG 777 und Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA)

    Hallo Otto, ein Profil das dem Standard FSX entspricht habe ich nicht angelegt. Habe aber, wie du geschrieben hast, den FSX ohne SimStarter gestartet; die Flughafengebäude werden geladen und sind in Ordnung. Danach habe ich die PNDG 737 NGX, für die ich auch ein Profil angelegt habe, gestartet. Auch hier werden die Flughafengebäude angezeigt. Also liegt der Fehler wohl in meinem Profil der PMDG 777. Werde das überprüfen, eventuell ändern oder ggfls. neu anlegen. Vielen Dank an dich für deine Hilfe. LG Claus
  25. 25dollarbills

    T Flight Stick X Problem mit Slider (Schub)

    Hi Uwe, danke für deinen TIPP, leider hat es mir nicht viel gebracht. Der a Joystick ist mittlerweile auch schon knapp 3 Jahre alt und ich werde mir wohl einen neuen holen. Kannst du mir einen empfehlen eher Thrustmaster oder Saitek? gruß Fabian
  26. fms737

    PMDG 777 und Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA)

    Danke schon einmal Wolfgang. Claus
  27. Lukas10

    PFPX Absturz

    Okay, ich bin jetzt einfach mal der Anleitung in diesem Thread gefolgt und es hat geklappt! Einfach die .exe in "PFPX1.exe" umbenennen und den Aktivierungsschlüssel eingeben. Danke
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