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  2. bavella


    Hallo Eberhard! Sehr gerne, vielleicht macht es ja dem einen oder anderen hier auch noch Lust auf VATSIM! VFR-Funkt ist natürlich (in D-A-CH) ebenfalls auf Deutsch! Viel Spaß! Jörg
  3. Hallo, ist es denn möglich die Soundausgaben in x-plane 11 zu trennen? Also Fluggeräusche über Lautsprecher und das interne x-plane atc über headset? Geht das?
  4. A320 CFM is dropping optimal flight level down while flying. in climbing FMGC shows optimal level is FL370, and i climb FL370. Pretty soon after reaching FL370, it's showing below levels, and dropping all the time inflight.
  5. Hans Hartmann

    The issue of N1 going down/up with throttle movement

    I fixed that in the meantime. It will be available with the next update.
  6. CFG874

    AIDS Print and FL DATA Recorder

    Hello Dave,I do not know exactly what you mean, search with the printer. In which menu, Windows does not work and in the Airbus I find nothing synonymous.It worked on the old Airbus 32Bit 1.31.The instructions are not up to date. The Configurator has a checkmark next to "Use default printer and A3XX Connect Pro". What else do I have to stop him?Printer is USB and works well on the W10 standard printer.Thank youCFG874 Bernd
  7. Thank you, @DaveCT2003 - but there seem to be conflicting opinions on whether air coolers are worse, equally or even better capable of cooling the components compared to water coolers. Therefore I'm not sure whether a water cooler is really necessary also regarding the longevity of the processor or other components. As @Querer already pointed out, there could be trouble ahead if I bought a water cooler instead of an air cooler.
  8. Hallo Peter, habe mir gerade zum zweiten Male dein Video angeschaut und bin beeindruckt, was das Tool alles leistet. Ich habe es schon länger installiert aber das Video zeigt doch noch weitere Möglichkeiten zur Nutzung des SimStarters. Eines ist mir noch nicht ganz klar geworden: mit dem Scenery Config Manager kann man ja "Spacer" programmieren. Da ich jede Menge AddOn`s installiert habe (im FSX) habe ich auch entsprechend sehr sehr lange Ladezeiten. Wenn ich z.B. einen Spacer für ORBX Produkte, UT Produkte usw. programmiere und diese dann nach dem Öffnen des SimStarters, bevor ich den FSX starte, deaktiviere, verringert sich dann die Ladezeit ? Nach dem Starten des FSX und das Setzen des Flugzeuges müsste ich alles wieder aktivieren. Funktioniert das überhaupt oder habe ich da etwas falsch verstanden ? Wäre schön, wenn Du mich aufklären könntest. LG Claus
  9. Today
  10. Hi Marea! What you witness is not a failure in the repaint. You are still in the VC, you not see the exterior here. Maybe you use a camera plugin? That can be already the solution. Reset your cam views here please. A wrongly set EZDOK cam often produces such results...
  11. ebitennis1


    Hallo Jörg, besten Dank für Deinen sehr umfangsreichen und ausführlichen Erfahrungsbericht. Das macht mir etwas mehr Mut bei VATSIM einzusteigen. Mir ist zwar einiges bekannt von der Fliegerei, da ich früher bei den Segelfliegern aktiv mitgewirkt habe, aber da ist der Funkverkehr ja in deutsch. Was mich ein wenig abschreckt ist natürlich das Englische beim IFR-Fliegen und das liebe ich besonders. Werde wohl erstmal mit VFR bei VATSIM einsteigen und später IFR-Fliegerei machen, so wie Du es auch gemacht hast. Nochmals Danke Viele Grüße Eberhard
  12. Stefan bradtke

    Contact Points

    Hallo, ja es ist egal wo ich stehe,ich habe es auch auf einem Default Airport getestet. Dort besteht das Problem ebenfalls. Wie gesagt, nur beim A320/A321. Andere bekannte, die das Produkt auch haben,berichten das gleiche beim A320/321.
  13. bill3810

    Weird Gear Problem

    I know there is an issue right now concerning max speed the gear will lower but I haven't experienced anything concerning retraction. If you retract the gear just after positive climb will it come up? At what speed will it not come up? We are looking into the the max speed the gear will retract/extend which should be 260 Knots.
  14. mopperle

    Weird Gear Problem

    TBH, never experienced this. maybe a problem with wrong/duplicate keyboard assignments?
  15. Dear all, when I start the P3d and airbus professional in virtual cockpit mode all indication and sound are normal. After my setup I always enable virtual reality steam VR and all internal Cockpit Sound like switching, callouts or table movement are no longer audible. And there is no difference if I connect my headphone to the Soundcard output or to the VR headset. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. mopperle

    Gear down after selected up

    Only 2 reports so far, the topic opener never came back with an answer although visiting the forum frequently, so we close this topic. @heidjer1: we can proceed in the other topic.
  17. DolevRavid

    Any word on PFPX update?

    if i'm buying pfpx now will i get the update for free?
  18. Meyerflyer

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    I reported something similar with the A319 IAE and after updating to Maybe it's the same problem and a general IAE issue.
  19. mopperle

    Contact Points

    Beim welchem hast du es? Auf jedem Airport, egal ob default oder addon?
  20. masterhawk

    PFD pitch

    Your PFD isn’t showing anything in the FMA. Most likely your setup is wrong. There should be any speed mode and lateral mode indicated. Please try the tutorial.
  21. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    What airport, weather and what FLEX setting? I will try to reproduce.
  22. Tom A320

    Contact Points / sunken chocks

    Bumping a post is ok, but please do not open multiple posts for the same problem. The case stays in your previous topic. You might want to post the screenshots from here in that one as well.
  23. masterhawk

    Midflight loss of engines

    Hi, I can’t reproduce what you are showing on the screenshot. I did also a flight from BOS to DEN. My fuel values on the different pages, screens, locations are all plausible. Why have you switched off the PUMPs in the Wings? If that wasn’t you, there is really something messed up in that flight.
  24. I'll try to keep this as concise as possible, yet hopefully provide enough information. To make a long story short with the advent of the latest experimental update, subject line aircraft will not take off properly from anywhere. Seems under powered when I set MAN-FLEX, barely lifts off, and then plummets to the ground. This does not occur when I reinstall
  25. OK, when I created and saved the scenario, then tried to reload it, it crashed P3D. Several attempts all had the same outcome. Sometimes to the screen saver some times the load hangs requiring me to crash out. For some reason, despite the two updates, that previously allowed me to load a saved scenario, have now stopped working. All other aspects of the aircraft seem to work great. When I reload a saved scenario for the A318-A321, I have no issues. The same for the FSL A320, the PMDG 777, the majestic Q400..all load ok.
  26. Herman

    Gibraltar X upgrade

    In the past, it's been noted this is a shop software limitation, not an Aerosoft policy. The shop software isn't an Aerosoft product (since it doesn't fly/ride rails/drive on roads/farm, etc.).
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