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  2. Blurry terrain in landing

    Does not change the simple facts.... you are asking more then what can be shown.
  3. Gents this topic stays closed. As always I believe we should stick to the facts and I what Frank wrote ARE the facts. If you feel FSLs illegal behavior is acceptable or that you trust their comments is personal decision. How this all ends remains to be seen. Clearly there are investigations ongoing in several countries and it is not for us to predict the outcome.
  4. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    The first two images are among very best I have ever seen from the sim.
  5. Mallorca X

    Well not a problem of Mallorca, but of your installation. Please show us a screenshot of your library to see where Mallorca is sitting. Also what version of Mallorca do you have installed? That's how it should look like with all Orbx stuff installed:
  6. CTD

    Hans Hartmann Ok then, having done a clean install of P3Dv4.2 and the CRJ 1.05 later updating to 1.06, i think i have worked out why i have these CTD ... after doing a lot of flights, first with default airports later with addon airports, with weather, without weather, with AI, without AI and in different places around the world here is what i found out .. 1. Did 5 flights with NO FMC input and NO ILS on approach = OK 2. Did 5 flights with NO FMC input with ILS approach = OK 3. Did 5 flights with FMC input and NO ILS approach = CTD on approach or near the airport 4. Did 5 flights with FMC input and ILS approach = CTD on approach/finals FMC input was just the departure airport and the arrival airport .. (direct to) so it seems to be something with FMC or NAV not sure which or maybe both , i get no clues anywhere when it CTD .. I have never had any problems on the earlier version of the CRJ Hope this helps in some way
  7. Mallorca X

    I hope someone can help with my scenery issue. I'm using Prepa3d v4.2 along with Orbx FTX Global, Vector & OpenLC Europe on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I appear to have some layering problems as there are trees and buildings on the apron and runways at LEPA. I have tried de-selecting various parts of the scenery library but with limited if any success. Hopefully the screnshot will explain the problem better?
  8. Hallo, bei mir lag es am falschen Key. Ich konnte die A350 dann später aktivieren. Gruß Marko
  9. VOR approach and VPA

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. VOR approach and VPA

    It's allowed in my FS! There's no sign that says differently
  11. VOR approach and VPA

    This is VERBOTEN nowadays.
  12. Few issues with loading SID

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Few issues with loading SID

    It's fixed in the next update.
  14. VOR approach and VPA

    Or simply follow the correct vertical speed, compare the altitudes and correct as necessary as you learn it old school style in flight school Hans
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  16. VOR approach and VPA

    The CRJ autopilot doesn't have a VPA mode. You have to do that the old school way: manually descend from descent step to descent step.
  17. ENG Stop doesn't work P3D4.2

    I added a fix that changes the START buttons behaviour so they now don't do anything if the respective engine is already running. This fixes the problem described by @GEK_the_Reaper's video. I hope this sorts the matter for the OP too.
  18. Sorry David but I can not let this stand as it is. - It is a fact that Lefteris packaged a known malware into an installer. - It is a fact that this software is known by the internet security world as malware and not DRM. - It is a fact that many people had/have this installer on their computer. What is not a fact is that this "malware", as you call it, only worked when you enter a known pirate code. This is purely something Lefteris said about the matter. You either trust him or you don't. I do not trust him anymore. ps, with regard to my preview post. I gave the FSLabs product the highest praise an RW Airbus pilot can give it in that post. It just didn't come free as the malware situation will always be a concern with this company now.
  19. FMC Issue

    So, congratulations @glubbfreund... you found a bug in the PMDG 777 and Pro ATC/X
  20. FMC Issue

    Yes, charts clearly show that it is only south bound
  21. FMC Issue

    A,T156,2 S,OBATU,52.70544,10.41519,ROKUS,52.33500,10.39639,0,179,22.30 S,ROKUS,52.33500,10.39639,ALOSI,51.58889,10.35944,179,0,44.80 This is from NavdataPro 1803. There's only one T156 entry in the whole file and it leads from OBATU to ROKUS, not the other way round. If ROKUS to OBATU should work as well, there would have to be a second definition of T156 - but there isn't. I don't have a chart to verify this, but since it's the same with both, NavDataPro and Navigraph, it's actually a one-way airway. If it's not, both nav datasets are bugged.
  22. Zürich V2 taxiway lighting system wrong

    Thanks for the observation, which I can also notice in my X-Plane. I have forwarded your report to our product manager.
  23. FMC Issue

    No support?
  24. AES for FSX Steam

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. How do I update the B777?

    This is the significant part, confirming that it's indeed 1.9.12. The changelog itself is not always updated.
  26. Thank your for the extended information, but still, please provide the information Dave also asked the topic opener for.
  27. FSX crashes while connected to Shared Cockpit

    Yeah sorry i didnt put mutch info basically me and my friend sunday we was flying in shared cockpit we done 2 routes of 1 h each at the end of the second one we loaded for the third one . Everiting was okay all systèmes and 5-10 min after we connected my fsx crash ( we retried 10 times but same result ) i try To fly by my own and suprisly everiting was working so i really dont undersdant what is the issue i think i have a problem whit the CDF
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