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  2. Hello! Wish to report a small problem I'm having on the Twin Otter, without first saying it is my personal favorite civil sim model. I had the sound problem myself, but re-downloaded and installed a-fresh, and the sound problem has gone. However, I now have a new one. The red figures on the radios and transponder are strange or non-existent. See screen shot. Is there a fix for this? Is it a known issue? For any help, my thanks in advance. EDIT: OK, disregard. My apologies, new to the forum. I just found the issue reported elsewhere, on another topic. All the best.
  3. Is that photo the real deal or the model for the sim unbelievable P3DV4 I hope
  4. mathijs thanks for your note cockpit is full of androids so I will try the web version for now, preferring your LIDO's to Jeppesen's. john
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  6. hi thanks but I have fixed the problem , everything working ok now , thank you for your time dave
  7. To be honest, I have no idea if it affects performance. I've always ran Windows and FSX on seperate drives since I started with FS. But the "sticky shudder" is not something I'm experiencing, so I don't think that's the problem you're having. Thanks! It's OZx's Grand Canyon I think It's freeware and one of my favorite scenery addons!
  8. Mathis, Would you be willing to show us how you set your sliders in P3D v4? I think I have a system similar to yours (using Win 7) with a GTX 1070. Thanks!
  9. Me too[emoji1] Sent from my Swift 2 Plus using Tapatalk
  10. Some screenshot from Norway with PTA ( Thomat settings v2.0) , FTX Global, FTX EU Norway, all maxed out in p3d v4. Thank you for watching.
  11. Now don't get me wrong but didn't someone say that the CRJ would've been released yesterday or was that just a date for an update hopefully it comes out soon within I'm hoping the next few weeks or days that would be nice
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Allright, only one image, fine here is mine. Using FTX Global and EU Norway + PTA w/Thopatv2.0 settings, everything else in P3D v4 is maxed out, here is a shot west of Karmoy Norway
  14. I have an issue with specifically the a321's trim. It wont spin nor do any trimming at all. All the other aircrafts work fine (a318-20) and I love them but every version of the a321 there's a problem with the trim. Same goes for the throttle, when I try to use it manually with my mouse and yes, even after starting the aircraft from "Cold and dark" with flight plans and everything it doesn't work. Please help! I'm sorry if this problem's already been solved but I could'nt find any other topic about this exact problem. Thank you in advance!
  15. Got it. Thanks for your assistance. Mt mistake as I thought. Let's close this topic. Kind regards. David.
  16. Please have a look into the latest topic that was opened, right before you opened yours:
  17. can you do the latam a320 cfm please :)

  18. Muss mich aus Zeitgründen und anstehenden Umzug von meinem Cockpit Marke Eigenbau trennen.Hardware: Opencockpits Module, Gofligth Module und Saitek Pedale.Träger Material ist Holz, Front-Platten sind aus Plexiglas mit Folie überzogen.Biete gleich die Sioc-Programmmmierung für die PMDG 737 an.Das eine oder andere muss sicher nach dem Transport nachgebessert werden.Habe daran fast halbes Jahr gearbeitet, es funktionierte hervorragend. Nach Umstieg auf WIN 10 ist mir alles abgestürzt. Habe es aus Zeitgründen nie wieder in Betrieb genommen. Nun steht ein Umzug an und ich muss mich von trennen.Preisvorstellung ist sehr schwierig, eigentlich unbezahlbar.Bitte nur um erstgemeinte Angebote oder Tipps, wo ich es zum Verkauf anbieten könnte.GrüßeJaroslaw
  19. If I were an admin I would deactivate the downvote function. Sometimes it is just not fair and not legit but thats the A330 preview topic.
  20. Any updates you can share with us? I've been making some orthos for Norway in preparation for the release.
  21. One common thing I've seen on these forums is that nobody actually knows how to use the new Bus Company Simulator DLC! I decided to hopefully help these people out by making a quick 10-minute tutorial video going through the features within single and multiplayer! If you guys found this useful, do let me know and I'll definitely make more of these in the future!
  22. My radio panel and squawk is not working how can i fix it ?? please help me A320 FSX WINDOWS10 thank you
  23. I have a similar issue where the autothrottle is unstable during normal flight. I have the throttle set in CLB and the speed set on the autopilot but once the speed reaches the set value the engines cut back too much and then speed up again giving a very jerky flight. It is obviously controlling the speed pretty well but the engines are revving up and dying back considerably. Is this a known bug and if so does anyone know a fix please?
  24. Die neue Release bietet eine neue Dataref: sim/private/controls/fog/fog_be_gone Die Variable kann Werte zwischen 0.0 und 1.0 annehmen und ist als Faktor (%) zu verstehen, mit welchem die originale "Nebeldichte" versehen wird; also von 0% bis 100%, 0.5 wären 50% Ich habe diesen Wert zwischen 0.0 und 1.0 oszillieren lassen, das Ergebnis sieht so aus: Wer es selbst testen will, findet das Script als Anhang fog.lua
  25. Roelio, I have noticed that you have 128GB SSD (system), 2TB HDD (storage), and 640GB HDD (FSX). Does it affect FSX performance if Windows operating system along with FSX document files (C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) are in 128GB SSD and FSX is in another drive 640 HDD? My FSX is doing very well and very smooth but on some occasions, a plane in middle of a flight experienced "sticky" shudder for 2 seconds before resuming normalcy. I wonder if it is because C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX is in drive C and FSX is in another drive? And by the way, utterly amazing screenshot. What ground textures are you using please? Regards, Aharon
  26. Hallo Philip, da gebe ich Dir vollkommen Recht. X-Plane kann Wetter und zwar sehr gut. Und richtig: wenn X-Plane einmal das gesamte Wetter downgeloaded hat und man nicht alle 10 Minuten aktualisieren lässt, kann man ganz in Ruhe, ohne irgendwelches Aufpoppen von Wolken oder schlagartige Wetteränderungen von einer Wetterregion in die nächste fliegen. Wenn man sich mal die 'metar.rwx' ansieht, sieht man ja, dass darin das gesamte Wetter aller Metarstationen enthalten ist und in diesen Wetterregionen bewegt man sich. Obwohl ich die Programme besitze - SMP 4.5+RWC und xEnviro - benutze ich sie seit Wochen nicht mehr. Beste Grüße Willi
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