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  2. Fernbus Driver View

    Just got a standalone copy of Fernbus and was thinking of upgrading to Steam BUT?? I cannot move my drivers head view either with the mouse or using the keys 3 or 4. Tried changing all the settings but with no luck. Will the Steam version be the same? My version is 1.14.12800. My system is Win10 (64bit) and powerful enough for anything. Also, it keeps asking me for my VR headset and TrackIR which I haven't got. Any ideas?? Thanks
  3. Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Love it
  4. lukla CTD general

    A portion of your original post is above. Do you still get Crashes to Desktop (CTD) with Lukla installed and at airports far away? Or are the CTD only "around budhakunda"? Also, have you tried turning "Crash detection" off in the sim and does that have any effect?
  5. VFR-Project Germany

    Hallo, nun bin ich nach langer Zeit wieder zum fliegen gekommen und musste gleich VFR Jena und Umgebung ausprobieren. Ich bin wirklich sprachlos und sehr begeistert über diese Umsetzung. Nochmals vielen Dank für die Mühe und viele Grüße.
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting Northeast DC-9-10's exclusive non stop Cape Cod service to one of three Cape Cod airports which is KHYA Barnstable Municipal Airport located on one mile north of the central business district of Hyannis in Cape Cod On final runway approach to runway 15 Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN with nice background view of what I think is blue solar panels Braking down with full flaps and reverse thrust Slowing down on runway 15 with nice background view of construction equipment and more blue solar panels Look at the airport terminal! Exiting from runway 15 into taxiway with nice background view of airport firehouse and de-ice vehicle Taxiing to gate 1 Approaching gate 1 Arrived at gate one where pilots can grab dinner before making return trip Nice tail view of sunset getting ready for night return trip Checking gate one to be sure there are no late passengers running to catch the plane Nice wing view of the terminal and sunset Full boarded and getting ready for return trip!! Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  7. bonjour j'ai un Intel core i7 2.93ghz carte graphique Nvidia geforce 1050 quant je débute une mission sur la route j'ai de l'herbe et les flèches sur la route est aussi flou et l"écriture sur le bus est tous flou aidez moi s'il vous plaies
  8. lukla CTD general

    Mathijs, it appears near to lukla. sorry for my english if i didnt explain something right. im talking about lukla and only that if you have a google map it appears around budhakunda. after i pass it, 99% i will get a crash. the strange is when i have the freemeshx i get a terrain.dll crash. if i dont have it, i get the ucrtbase.dll crash. if i uninstall lukla, i get no crash at all at the region there.
  9. Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    I would love to had the older modern livery from Iberia, please. Beg for it. thanks!!!
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Mexicana de Aviacíon XA-CMA DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use AirbusX Extended Livery Manager. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid!
  11. Hi Jinx As for multi aircraft flights if you are using FSX the freeware "formation set up" is good , or you can record your flight and replay it as AI. 2D cockpits ??..... aye I remember those .... back in the mists of time when computers were so slow they couldn't handle the detail of 3D. I'm bemused at why you would wish to revert to it , but you might try Kazunori Ito's model from fs9. Cheers Dave R
  12. Hi, Is there any update on the update? Is PFPX development still even alive? I have the same issue for months. It's a bit frustrating, to be honest. At least can you spare some news on whats going on behind the scenes?! Ashwant Gonesh
  13. KLAS LOC ILS 26L

    So I saw another topic on this where the Freq was discussed. In the Data the Freq is correct ( Using FFA320 ) I verified on the NAV Data button on the FMS. It shows the proper Freq of 111.50 as well as the Identifier. However No ILS signal is available. The signal for ILS 26L is not there. No LOC or GS shows up. I have Aerosoft Data set 1804. First time flying into this airport. This is the first time I've ran into a problem with ILS from your Data. Thanks. I'll follow up on this thread for updates instead of performing a support ticket. Dave.
  14. It has been there since the first Airbus version and there is no reason to remove it
  15. Antarctica: Flying the White Desert

    Da hast du Recht, Othello. Das war bestimmt ein toller Flug und bei dem Wetter. Mir gefällt besonders der Internationale Terminal in Hill Cove. Übrigens, hat mir Binky noch einen letzten Gruss von den Falklands gesandt mit folgendem Original-Text: "Vielen Danke das Ich teilnahmen konnen, und es war viel spass." Ich frage mich nur, wobei Binky wohl das grössere Handicap hat? Beim Golf oder bei den Deutschkenntnissen? Sorry Steve, it was not meant in a bad way. Cheerio, Walter
  16. Mathijs stated that the cold and dark feature is there, which implies that it is available if desired even though crew don't usually encounter it.
  17. Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Thanks f or all the great repaints, Tim!!
  18. Compared to the PMDG 737, I get lower frames with the 717, even if it's only cloudy and daytime. (Running i5 7500, 16GB RAM, GTX770) So, to confirm, does that mean users won't be able to set the aircraft in "Cold and Dark"?
  19. Programnavn med feil: fsx.exe, versjon: 10.0.61472.0, tidsangivelse: 0x475e17d3 Modulnavn med feil: ucrtbase.dll, versjon: 10.0.16299.248, tidsangivelse: 0xdcc3eab0 Unntakskode: 0xc0000409 Feilforskyvning: 0x000919f2 Feil prosess-ID: 0xbd4 Feil starttid for program: 0x01d3dbfb8ec29194 Feil programbane: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe Feil modulbane: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll Rapport-ID: a3ab1ac2-b7f4-42c9-8702-75bea611f263 Fullstendig navn på feilpakke: Relativ program-ID for feilpakke: Something like this?
  20. I do not know how the Windows Eventviewer works, please be more specific
  21. Engine Start Fix

    I did y have any problems with that, but thanks for support!
  22. Please check the Windows Eventviewer for a deatiled error mesaage at the time of the crash.
  23. Hi, Once I Select any CRJ aircraft/livery, my FSX crash/Shutdown or freeze? Any suggestion on how to fix this issue?
  24. Grafikfehler Xenviro

    Guten Abend, aktuelle Version 1.09 geladen und seitdem diesen Fehler (siehe Bilder) Jemand eine Ahnung was das sein könnte? wie ein Schirm....
  25. Thank you very much Otto. Looking forward for more news.
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