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  2. Victory103

    Afterburner effects in the wrong position

    No issues here in my Extended install for P3Dv4.2.
  3. Talking on telephones is so 1990's now anyway I'm flying every aircraft I have at the moment as I'm sure when the ABP comes out I won't be flying anything else. Some great pics there buddy
  4. data63

    LFMNX - no ground traffic

    which Sim? AUS (light) is not compatible with all FSX Versions
  5. Another way of thinking about this... to have a functional CPDLC, you have to have something for it to communicate with. PMDG and POSCON (link provided as I know some people have broken Google Searches... LOL! will be providing this, so you'll have to ask them when it will be functional. Otherwise, it's like having just one telephone... you can talk into it all you want, but unless there is someone else with a telephone your conversation will be one sided!
  6. No, CPDLC will not be functional yet. It will be in some form with the PMDG add in. But apart from logging in to KUSA and getting a departure and enroute clearance I think PMDG will model nothing else (for now).
  7. I have a question about the picture above. I am wondering if we will see the CPDLC being functional in the Airbus Professional on release? - Cane
  8. Can't wait to try them myself. Awesome textures and lighting. It really spells "fly me".
  9. Capt. PERO

    X-Plane support...

    Happy landings.
  10. A few pictures of a very close to final acceptance flight from EDDM to EDDL:
  11. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Verzeichnis verschieben

    Du kannst den ganzen installierten X-Plane Ordner woanders hin verschieben. Der "Desktop" ist ja auch nur eine Ordner. Also: Wenn Du den X-Plane Ordner nicht auf dem Desktop haben willst, dann verschiebe ihn einfach direkt auf die Festplatte. Zum Beispiel nach C:\ oder D:\ je nachdem, wieviel Festplatten Du eingebaut hast. Nur eines darfst Du nicht machen: Die innere Ordner und Datei Struktur des installierten X-Plane 11 Ordners verändern. Oder sind vielleicht alle Ordner (Aircraft, Airfoils, Custom Data, Custom Scenery, usw ) einzeln auf dem Desktop vorhanden? Dann ist bei der Installation etwas nicht richtig gelaufen... Wenn X-Plane 11 installiert ist, muss es einen "X-Plane 11" Ordner geben (je nachdem, wie Du ihn bei der Installation benannt hast), der die genannten Ordner (Aircraft, Airfoils, Custom Data, Custom Scenery, usw ...) und einige Dateien beinhaltet. Viele Grüße Heinz
  12. Hi phrosperatus, you can try to talk with guenseli for more detailes. And this is a most interesting part of our conversation, I hope this helps: This is an example of the trimmer switch callback: <Animation name="an2AileronTrimControl" guid="5F6FA2C0-4EF4-4518-B463-000000000164" length="100" type="Sim" typeParam2="an2AileronTrimControl" typeParam="AutoPlay" /> <PartInfo> <Name>an2AileronTrimControl</Name> <AnimLength>100</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code> (L:an2AileronTrimControl) 100 * </Code> <Lag>1200</Lag> </Parameter> </Animation> <MouseRect> <Cursor>hand</Cursor> <TooltipText>Aileron Trim Control</TooltipText> <MouseFlags>LeftSingle+LeftDrag+LeftRelease</MouseFlags> <CallbackCode> (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmi 0 == if{ (M:X) (>L:an2AileronTrimControlMouseX, number) (M:Y) (>L:an2AileronTrimControlMouseY, number) 1 (>L:an2AileronTrimControlPressed, number) } (M:Event) 'LeftRelease' scmi 0 == if{ 0 (>L:an2AileronTrimControlPressed, number) } (M:Event) 'LeftDrag' scmi 0 == if{ (M:X) (>L:an2AileronTrimControlMouseX, number) (M:Y) (>L:an2AileronTrimControlMouseY, number) } </CallbackCode> </MouseRect> </PartInfo> The key point of my callback system is that I initialize additional L vars in c++ with suffixes for basic L-var (an2AileronTrimControl): "Pressed" - is the left mouse button state, 1 - pressed, 0 - released "PressedR" - is for the right mouse button "MouseX" - counts pixels then the left mouse button is pressed. It is used to create increment/decrement events after each N-pixels step if only the left mouse button is pressed "MouseY" - behaves like MouseX "Wheel" - increment/decrement wheel event, So you can directly control L-vars with suffixes "Pressed", "PressedR", "Wheel" to mimic the user mouse events. Because to control "MouseX" and "MouseY" is not a trivial task from the an-2 logic's point of view, special for you I have add additional L-vars with suffixes: "ClickL" - invokes a sequence of events (pressed/released) of the left mouse button. You just need to set that L-var as 1.0 and forget about it - the an-2 logic will reset it to zero automatically after the callbacks invocation. "ClickR" - is for the right mouse button "DirectControl" - directly invokes a special callback in c++ (if defined) for the basic L-var to manage its state. For example, the starter switch - it has three states, so you can set one of values -1 0 1 and the switch will obey. When you have first time set that L-var, the switch will enter the direct control mode, so in case of the starter switch it will not move in the center position if you set it in the end position. But this mode can be reset by the user's mouse button events or by direct invocation of "Pressed" "PressedR". The "Wheel" event does not brake the direct control mode. This is a list with all the an-2 cockpit's custom callbacks: var: 'an2ClutchSwitch' - the starter switch aux: 'an2ClutchSwitchPressed' aux: 'an2ClutchSwitchClickL' aux: 'an2ClutchSwitchMouseX' aux: 'an2ClutchSwitchDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2ClHeadL' - clock's left knob aux: 'an2ClHeadLPressed' aux: 'an2ClHeadLClickL' aux: 'an2ClHeadLPressedR' aux: 'an2ClHeadLClickR' aux: 'an2ClHeadLWheel' aux: 'an2ClHeadLDirectControl' var: 'an2ClHeadR'- clock's right knob aux: 'an2ClHeadRPressed' aux: 'an2ClHeadRClickL' aux: 'an2ClHeadRWheel' aux: 'an2ClHeadRDirectControl' var: 'an2GComp' - gyro heading's knob aux: 'an2GCompPressed' aux: 'an2GCompClickL' aux: 'an2GCompPressedR' aux: 'an2GCompClickR' aux: 'an2GCompWheel' aux: 'an2GCompDirectControl' var: 'an2AGKArr' - attitude indicator AGK-47B aux: 'an2AGKArrPressed' aux: 'an2AGKArrClickL' aux: 'an2AGKArrPressedR' aux: 'an2AGKArrClickR' aux: 'an2AGKArrDirectControl' var: 'an2AGKArrR' - attitude indicator AGK-47B aux: 'an2AGKArrRPressed' aux: 'an2AGKArrRClickL' aux: 'an2AGKArrRPressedR' aux: 'an2AGKArrRClickR' aux: 'an2AGKArrRDirectControl' var: 'an2UGRBtn' aux: 'an2UGRBtnPressed' aux: 'an2UGRBtnClickL' aux: 'an2UGRBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2UKBtn' aux: 'an2UKBtnPressed' aux: 'an2UKBtnClickL' aux: 'an2UKBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2PrimerPump' - the syringe (hand pump) on the left panel aux: 'an2PrimerPumpPressed' aux: 'an2PrimerPumpClickL' aux: 'an2PrimerPumpMouseY' aux: 'an2PrimerPumpWheel' aux: 'an2PrimerPumpDirectControl' - in range [0-1] - position of the handle var: 'an2ManualPrimer'- the hand pump on the right side of the left pilot seat aux: 'an2ManualPrimerPressed' aux: 'an2ManualPrimerClickL' aux: 'an2ManualPrimerMouseY' aux: 'an2ManualPrimerDirectControl' - in range [0-1] - position of the handle var: 'an2FuelLampControl' aux: 'an2FuelLampControlPressed' aux: 'an2FuelLampControlClickL' aux: 'an2FuelLampControlMouseX' aux: 'an2FuelLampControlDirectControl' var: 'an2ClutchTHandle' - the starter T-handle for the SP-ASR cabin (will be in update) aux: 'an2ClutchTHandlePressed' aux: 'an2ClutchTHandleClickL' aux: 'an2ClutchTHandlePressedR' aux: 'an2ClutchTHandleClickR' aux: 'an2ClutchTHandleDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2ElevatorTrimControl' aux: 'an2ElevatorTrimControlPressed' aux: 'an2ElevatorTrimControlClickL' aux: 'an2ElevatorTrimControlMouseY' aux: 'an2ElevatorTrimControlDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2AileronTrimControl' aux: 'an2AileronTrimControlPressed' aux: 'an2AileronTrimControlClickL' aux: 'an2AileronTrimControlMouseX' aux: 'an2AileronTrimControlDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2RudderTrimControl' aux: 'an2RudderTrimControlPressed' aux: 'an2RudderTrimControlClickL' aux: 'an2RudderTrimControlMouseX' aux: 'an2RudderTrimControlDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2CowlShutSw' - cowl flap switch aux: 'an2CowlShutSwPressed' aux: 'an2CowlShutSwClickL' aux: 'an2CowlShutSwMouseY' aux: 'an2CowlShutSwDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2OilRadShutSw' - oil radiator flap switch aux: 'an2OilRadShutSwPressed' aux: 'an2OilRadShutSwClickL' aux: 'an2OilRadShutSwMouseY' aux: 'an2OilRadShutSwDirectControl' - states -1 0 1 var: 'an2FireCheck1' aux: 'an2FireCheck1Pressed' aux: 'an2FireCheck1ClickL' aux: 'an2FireCheck1MouseX' aux: 'an2FireCheck1DirectControl' var: 'an2FireCheck2' aux: 'an2FireCheck2Pressed' aux: 'an2FireCheck2ClickL' aux: 'an2FireCheck2MouseX' aux: 'an2FireCheck2DirectControl' var: 'an2ic210DualBtn' aux: 'an2ic210DualBtnPressed' aux: 'an2ic210DualBtnClickL' aux: 'an2ic210DualBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2ic210EcBtn' aux: 'an2ic210EcBtnPressed' aux: 'an2ic210EcBtnClickL' aux: 'an2ic210EcBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2ic210ChFrqBtn' aux: 'an2ic210ChFrqBtnPressed' aux: 'an2ic210ChFrqBtnClickL' aux: 'an2ic210ChFrqBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2ic210RclBtn' aux: 'an2ic210RclBtnPressed' aux: 'an2ic210RclBtnClickL' aux: 'an2ic210RclBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2ic210MemBtn' aux: 'an2ic210MemBtnPressed' aux: 'an2ic210MemBtnClickL' aux: 'an2ic210MemBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2NarComChFrqBtn' aux: 'an2NarComChFrqBtnPressed' aux: 'an2NarComChFrqBtnClickL' aux: 'an2NarComChFrqBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2NarNavChFrqBtn' aux: 'an2NarNavChFrqBtnPressed' aux: 'an2NarNavChFrqBtnClickL' aux: 'an2NarNavChFrqBtnDirectControl' var: 'an2NarTrdIdentBut' aux: 'an2NarTrdIdentButPressed' aux: 'an2NarTrdIdentButClickL' aux: 'an2NarTrdIdentButDirectControl' and this is the special L-vars with guage readings: an2AlternatorAmperes an2BatteryAmperesVolts - shows amperes/volts on the main ampere-voltmeter an2CHT1, an2CHT9 - for 1st and 9th cylinder an2CarbTemp - carburetor temp an2OAT - outside air temp - it has the same unlinearity as the carburetor temp gauge
  13. Hello Milviz have updated this product to work in P3D V4. I have just the download files in my previous orders and the version is not the latest version. On the Milviz 737-200 website it states the current version is 180430. In my aerosoft downloads the version is 3.160428 which is from 2016. Can you please tell me how I can get the latest version to use it in P3D V4 ? Regards Seb
  14. AlexeyM

    Radio-Electrical issue

    In the next update the avionics switch will be turned on automatically
  15. Thank you Oliver, will try it soon, will report back!
  16. Hello, I have the 32bit version installed with FSX/Acceleration. Marvelous plane! Thanks so much for developing the DC-8 for those of us still using the legacy simulator. I have one question: an earlier post in this forum referenced the following quick alignment procedure for the INS in P3Dv4. Does this method apply to the FSX version as well? I've tried the steps below, but the INS is still taking the normal amount of time to align (generally, 5+ minutes). Thanks in advance.
  17. Mathijs, how do I send you a private message?




  18. Ich übe wie ein Irrer Touch and Go Landungen mit dem A320 um das mauelle Landen zu üben. Meine Verfahrensweise ist folgende. Ich Drehe eine Höhe von 2500 ft ein und das Landebahn Heading von 240 Grad sowie eine Geschwindigkeit von 180 kts. Nach dem Abheben drehe ich nach links auf Outbound Kurs 60 Grad und erhöhe die Geschwindigkeit auf 230 kts. Wenn der Airport dann links an mir vorbei zieht fliege ich noch ungefähr 2 - 2.5, min geradeaus und schwenke dann wieder nach links inbound 240 Grad. Dann ändere ich meine Geschwindigkeit schrittweise von 230 über 200, 180,160 und schließlich 140 kts und fahre natürlich schrittweise die Flaps aus. Sobald ich Loc und GS empfange hangel ich mich bis auf die Landebahn.Nach dem Aufsetzen (das Bugrad hat Bodenkontakt) gebe ich vollen Schub, fahre die Flaps auf 1 und ziehe den Vogel mit 15 Grad nach oben. Das mache ich dann immer so weiter bis ich mal pinkeln muss. (-; Jetzt würde ich gerne wissen ob ich total daneben liege mit meinem Verfahren oder nur ein wenig und wie ihr das macht.
  19. dblue_one

    X-Plane support...

    Ok, thanks for the reply!
  20. Just reinstalled on new system and noticed there seemed to be no moving ground vehicles on the airfield. Tried a repair install and checked config settings etc all with no luck. Also no mention of any AES files in the LFMN folder so v gratefull for any help Thanks John R
  21. ab sofort ist die Robin DR 401 Freeware zum Download verfügbar Freeware Aircraft Aerobask Robin DR401
  22. Allan2012

    Verzeichnis verschieben

    Der Desktop Ordner liegt doch auf der Festplatte. Wo sollte er denn sonst gespeichert sein? Meinst du vlt. den Inhalt des Desktop Ordners in einen anderen Ordner verschieben?
  23. sebiflight25

    Verzeichnis verschieben

    Hi Das Verzeichnis vom Desktop auf die Festplatte schieben.
  24. Homerun1978

    Verzeichnis verschieben

    Hallo Sebi was meinst du genau mit verschieben? Bitte beschreib etwas genauer was du genau wissen möchtest, danke! gruzz remo
  25. mopperle

    ILS Landung Rhomben fehlen

    Aber das ILS wird korrekt erfasst? Screenshot bitte vom PFD, ND FCU und MCDU. Welche genaue Version des Airbuses und welcher Sim?
  26. Homerun1978

    Fly TampaCorfu 11 XP Installation

    Ich kann die Szenerie wirklich nur empfehlen. Sieht sehr sehr gut aus find ich..
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