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  2. In the AircraftTypes folder there is a text file for an A318-111 airplane Yet the only A318 performance file is for an A318-122 Could I re-name the PER file to the same as the A318-111, better than nothing for a performance file. Or is that not right? The A319 PER file has the same engines as the A318-111, can I use that? Thanks!
  3. Hallo zusammen, seit dem letzten Update habe ich das Problem, dass egal welches Flugzeug ich nutze sofort der Push anfängt. Egal welche Taste ich probiere keine Chance ?? Parkingbrakes set egal er fährt Vielleicht kann mir von Euch einer helfen. ? Danke
  4. I tried to use the Aerosoft Launcher Joystick Configuration to reset my throttle axis. It is telling me I do not have the correct FSX path when I have have P3D V3.4 with the newest hot fix. I also tells me that It cant locate my standard xml. I had t reinstall all the Airbus Extended and reinstall teh Aersoft Launcher because the switches stopped working and they work now but now this because I have basically started all over trying to get it set up just right with my hardware. Please if any of you know what I am doing wrong please let me know. Thanks Kyle
  5. First I have to say, that I really like your idea of Connected Flight Deck. The only "complicated" or "annoying" thing about it is the connection via Port Forwarding or Hamachi. I would prefer an easier solution if there is one. Apart from that I really enjoy it!
  6. More like sub $60-50 even.
  7. As you know Connected Flight Deck is at the core of our more complex aircraft. We feel it is hugely important because the single most unrealistic part of flying airliners for most people is the fact they do the job of two people and the whole aspect of crew management is missing. It's just wrong. Our advanced semi intelligent checklist solve part of that but nothing beats actually flying with a real person. We are at this moment overhauling that part of the Airbus code. It will used for our Airbusses but also for the CRJ and one other airliner projects you don't know about right now. We like to know what you would like to see different from the current version. What new features would you like, what made the old one hard to use?
  8. Okey, I'm sorry but I assume that you are a bit irritated with me because I do things in sort of a rush... But you must understand me I'm trying to configurating my sim to my desires even befor Christmass ... since then I did not get a proper flight here I switched to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro, to be up-to-date, but I have uninstalled and installed P3D a several times again on my PC because I was getting errors... now my P3D on my new OS is working but my PFPX is just doing not what it has suppose to do, it is installed correctly, I'm asking in this topic in a friendly way to help me out, can you not help me in the mean time? I don't understand why you gave me a -1 on my reputation...
  9. Further elaborating in Mathij's response, remember that this is a sub $100 product that simulates the day-to-day operations of an A330 pilot. That being said, I doubt a complex sim-deck build incorporating all the working switches and buttons would be compatible with the AS A330X as certain systems (i.e fire supression, fuses) would simply not interface with the aircraft. Also, with such a gorgeous model that Stefan is crafting I doubt you would want to spend all your time on the flight deck;) (I mean I for one, love to spend 20 plus minutes just walking around the A319 and staring at the gorgeous detail that has been put into the plane.)
  10. I doubt it would be the flightplans that cause this behaviour with AI traffic. Flightplans just tell the aircraft where to go and at what time. It would be the AFCAD that controls the movement of AI traffic on the ground, as well as the elevation data. Therefore, it sounds like a mismatch between FTX Vector and this particular add-on scenery. Running the FTX Vector Elevation tool should fix this. If not, try searching your Orbx folder for 'EGCC' (without quotes) and change any associated files to '.OFF' instead of '.BGL'
  11. Welches Produkt hast Du denn im Kundenkonto? Bei German Airports 3 X steht zwar noch 1.04 als Version, aber das bezieht sich wohl auf den alten GAP Installer. Der Hamburg Installer der dort steht, hat aber das Datum vom 18.1.2017, sollte also 1.05 sein. Refeshe auch mal den Browsercache.
  12. Hmmmm , You are right Jeroen ! It will be a smaller area though ! Thanks for your Reply ! Thank you Cargostorm for your advice ! I appreciated it .
  13. I do not view Aerosoft as an unethical company - not buy a long shot. However, when a long standing member of the flightsim community asks for a refund due to obvious quality issues, the last thing I would expect Aerosoft to do is throw legal mumbo jumbo back at the user, basically saying, 'you can't (really) have your money back dummy because you've waived your right to it - when you clicked the buy button'. That is very damaging to your business and does not set a good precedent at all. Any reasonable user would expect the downloaded product to work as expected (like the majority of Aerosoft published products). To expect any user to accept this particular release for the price, is not a (reasonable) expection from a business persective - and nor should it be. Disappointing responses with potentially damaging results. Far less damaging to grab your developer by the scruff and say, 'we're not putting up with this' with an accompanying statement to users with intended actions. All the forums are ablaze with this PR mess. It isn't necessary
  14. Did you check this option:
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  16. The installers of German Airports 3 – Hamburg have been updated to remove a few remaining issues (sorry for the mishap) AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS-3-HAMBURG_FS2004_V105.exe AS_GERMAN-AIRPORTS-3-HAMBURG_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM_V201.exe
  17. Just delete all drivers and try again. For FS you almost never any additional software and in our experience they cause often problems. From crashes in the sim to low FPS.
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Auf der Produktseit steht bereits "Version: 2.01(FSX),1.05(FS9)", beim Download handelt es sich zumindets für den FS9 immer noch um die v1.04. Ist da nur vorschnell was geändert worden oder das Update doch schon in der Pipeline?
  20. The moment these products get overhauled we'll consider it. I do not expect that to be soon though, sorry.
  21. If there is news you will find it here.
  22. It is not a market we'll spend a lot of time on. Sorry. Keep in mind this is not a $110 product.
  23. Ok, then lets not work at two different locations on this topic and let support handle it.
  24. Hi Pero, Sorry but I'm back again regarding the loading of a flight plan via SimStarter. Whilst it does load - and is visible via the FSX Flight Plan menu item - Active Sky Next (ASN) does not load it when it launches. It should. FSUIPC has an option to display 'Load Plan' in the Addons menu and if I use that to load a plan it is immediately loaded into ASN. So why doesn't it load the plan when initiated by SimStarter? It's baffling.
  25. Hi Tom, thanks for your reply, I allready send my email to Aerosoft itself yesterday and no it is not displayed in my gps screen when I enter the CO ROUTE ...
  26. Quite possibly one of the alternate routes is DCT, remove that alternate and try compute again.
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