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  2. I don't get any email when someone replies my posts....
  3. I have a question for Xplane 11. I want to buy the ATR 72 500. But it is only for Xplane 10! Would it work if I bought if for my Xplane 11? If it would, what is the best website to buy it from? or -Sebastian
  4. Are you on Windows 10? There have been an update lately that introduced font problems into Windows. In the meantime MS has released a fix for that. Please check, that if you are on Windows 10, you are on the latest status of all available updates for it.
  5. This problem just showed up out of the blue. Loaded up an Airbus 321, started my set up for a flight and no readouts on my radio or ATC. (See attached photo), Not everything is out, the autopilot works fine, (also see attached). Anyone have a solution or experienced this before? This happened over night. (No pun intended), finished a flight session, closed down all my programs, shut down the computer for the night. Next day...."poof" Big problem. Loaded a 320, then 319, and 318, same problem. I wanted to see if other aircraft had the same problem that I have in my hanger. QualityWings 757, and RJ 70, 85, and 100 had the same thing, no radio and no autopilot display of numbers. My PMDG aircraft are fine, as well as my Capt Sim aircraft. All of my software is up-to-date, so please don't ask. I fly on P3D v3.4, and FSX, same issue in FSX as P3D.
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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  8. It will be for v3 also. But the with dynamic lights, which is shown in the video, will be for v4 only.
  9. The subject of dynamic lighting and performance is maybe one of the few times I'll agree with Virtuali: as he showed in a test, it turns out that the SDK that was used to compile ground/scenery has little to do with the [extreme] performance impact of dynamic lighting. His test coincides with my experience as well. And people need to stop looking at FPS and instead look at GPU usage, which is a much more objective indicator. Those that don't see any FPS drop simply aren't close to the top of their GPU usage... but their usage is spiking when dynamic lighting is on, all the same (they may just not know it). Use something like MSI Afterburner and you'll see the usage jump even at the [awesome] KMSP which was just released (and supposedly compiled with the P3Dv4 SDK). Surely the CRJ will get plenty of ramp time there when its released. It's undoubtedly cool that the CRJ will include dynamic lighting features but like Dave, I'll have to keep it off. Even my GTX1080Ti can't handle it, considering the admittedly modest AA settings I need to use to keep P3D from looking like a series of stair steps. Our other aircraft developer friend, who arguably started this whole discussion of SDK vs. dynamic lighting, I'm afraid stands to be corrected.
  10. No sir, Mr. Kok or Mathijs, (he's earned and deserves our respect... ) isn't joking, in fact he's spot on about lights/dynamic lights in P3DV4. Now the question to ask LM is whether or not they intend to change this down range - let's remember that they're still building the platform. That said, I have no idea what LM will do,but it certainly has my interest. For now I have to fly with Dynamic Lights = OFF every payware airport I've tried (I don't think any of them where recompiled for V4) while running payware aircraft in order to maintain decent frame rates. My system: i7-4770K with all 4 cores running at 4.5GHz, GTX960. Best wishes!
  11. Kok didn't you say the CRJ would be avaliable for v3 also?
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  13. Neal, nice to see you here around again - and wow, you've got a task! However, even if some guys rushed through the last legs, I think we're going to have sufficient time for summer vacation before flying the real final - specifically as we need to negotiate the right date and time in order to get most of the gang together. Take your time. Probably it make sense re-sorting a bit the legs around the Mediterranean.
  14. Thank you all. I figured it out. I'm an idiot.
  15. Thanks for your reply. Yes it is Mallorca Xv1.01. Still asking me to insert disk 2 that contains data3cab.
  16. If the download was unzipped as suggested by Otto, I suggest using an decent tool like 7-zip instead of the one that comes with Windows.
  17. Hallo XP-Pilot, unten ein kleiner Script für den Editor. Die Sache mit dem Feuerknopf entspricht Deiner Anfrage nach einen Toggle Ich habe hier der Bequemlichkeit einfach Tastaturbefehle genommen. Starte den Script, focusiere eine Texteditor an (WordPad) und drücke den Feuerknopf oder linker Schalter Wenn Du einen Button durchgeben möchtest, so tausche einfach bspw. das 'A' gegen DX1 aus. Aber hier wird das WordPad nicht reagieren, hier braucht man ein Spiel für Joystick, um es zu testen. Viel Spaß und Erfolg beim scripten -Uwe PS. Für die Tastaturvariante kannst Du auch den EventTester im Script Editor nutzen. Dieser Tester zeigt Dir alles genauer an - in Einzelschritten aufgedröselt. include "target.tmh" //program startup int main() { Configure(&HCougar, MODE_EXCLUDED); Configure(&T16000, MODE_EXCLUDED); Configure(&LMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED); Configure(&RMFD, MODE_EXCLUDED); if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error //add initialization code here // Feuerknopf löst beim drücken und loslassen ein "A" aus MapKey(&Joystick, TG1, PULSE + 'A'); MapKeyR(&Joystick, TG1, PULSE + 'A'); // linker Dreifachschalter am Throttle nach vorne gedrückt löst eine Dauer "B aus MapKey(&Throttle, PSF, 'B'); // Gleicher Schalter nach hinten gedrückt MapKey(&Throttle, PSB, CHAIN(PULSE+'H', D(), PULSE+ 'a', D(), PULSE+ 'l', D(), PULSE+ 'l', D(), PULSE+ 'o')); } //event handler int EventHandle(int type, alias o, int x) { DefaultMapping(&o, x); //add event handling code here }
  18. I have the FAA route format selected in the options menu but PFPX is still exporting the flightplans with "DCT" in between each waypoint. Anyway to change this?
  19. Remember that P3D v4 didn't exist "a few months ago." While it was an open secret and many developers had access to betas from LM, any developer will wait until the final product is released before committing to new versions. The add-on worked (and works) as expected on the sims available the day you purchased it and that it was listed as supporting.
  20. Thank you very much.
  21. Aerosoft has over 200+ airports to check, many by outside developers, for conversion to a P3D v4 port. See this post for some additional thoughts on some of the Mega Airports. There's no point in asking for updates because estimates are so subject to change. This page will announce updates as available, so check there and you won't have to ask if it's available yet.
  22. Have restarted the sim? It just sounds like a memory leak. What sim are you using? Have you tried reinstall of the addon?
  23. Evening everyone, I installed this and for the first hour or so it worked perfectly, I left my PC for a while and when I came back all the scenery for the airport was completely black, I messed around with the files and managed to get the ground textures back however I have no airport terminal buildings or anything, just the lights hovering in mid-air. If anyone is able to help me out I would appreciate it so much. Thanks and kind regards, Joe
  24. I don't know if FlightBeam airports are using the v4 compiler yet, better ask this question in their forums. When I tested this with the CRJ on Trondheim v2 which uses the native compiter against another non v4 native airport I saw a difference of 15fps with my GTX980. In particular at Trondheim I got 29fps with my typical setup and lights on while at the non native airport I got 14.
  25. Well I've tried to operate the landing lights recently and FPS dropped from nearly 20 to 3 fps (!!), even with only 1 light switched on. I know you all say it's better with scenery files compiled with the P3D4 compiler. But first, how much better should it be? And second, I've used Flightbeam's KSFO this time, and this airport should be a native P3D4 airport, right?? What I fear is, that even at native P3D4 airports I will never be able to use any dynamic lights with my current hardware, and a NVidia GeForce GTX 970 shouldn't be too bad. I can't replicate your scenario at my PC of course, simply because the CRJ isn't out yet. But is there something you can do so terribly wrong here except using pre-P3D4-compiled scenery?? I've spent quite a lot of money for software and hardware in the last few years. And I would really be glad if I didn't have to invest again in a new graphic card again..
  26. Thank you. I'm glad when I can help. There is nothing you must repay. It will take at least until tomorrow to take a look into your scenery.cfg
  27. Hey guys, Just released a first look video looking at the new DLC that released today! With the multiplayer servers completely down, I decided to look at the single-player aspect of the game and will have a look at multiplayer tomorrow once it's all calmed down. Do leave a like if you would like me to continue this as an entire series, and subscribe too! Just completed my exams and returned for hiatus today, the future of this channel looks bright!
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