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Join us in a aviation version of the famous journey made by Phileas Fogg, traveling around the world in 80 days. We leave on October 2nd and arrive on December 21st. Check out the rules and when you like to join create your own dairy topic.

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  2. Hello, I will try to fly the route with a Cirrus SR20 (vFlyteAir) with my own livery D-ESRT. I will use the X-Plane 11. The Cirrus is a fine aircraft, can fly in icing conditions and for an emergency situation the Cirrus has an Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This is very reassuring... I will prepare the Cirrus with additional fuel tanks. This is possible for about 350 lbs ( about 56 GAL Fuel). The standard max. Fuel weight is 54 Gal. So I can fly nonstop for about 1300 nm (65% Power) or 1500 nm (55% power). I will simulate the additionally tanks and the fuel flow manually during the flight with the Cirrus Fuel and Weight menu (see picture). I will use the sliders for the left and right rear pax sliders (black Arrows) and the sliders for the left and right tanks of the Cirrus (red arrows). So all over the flighttime the weight of the aircraft and the CG will be correct. For the pacific route (Yokohama - San Francisco) i think, I will use the Kamtschatka - Aleutian Island - Alaska - Westcost of Canada route .... But at first i have to fly from EDHM (my home airfield) to Hamburg for assembling the additionally tanks ... And then I will make some little flights for testing the fuel tanks and the start- and landing distance with 108 Gal Fuel on board. Greets Heinz
  3. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Tag 55 - November/24/2017 Flugzeug: Cirrus SR20 - Kennung: D-ESRT - Ort: PANC Anchorage - Sim: X-Plane 11 Flugzeit: 6 Std 13 min. Strecke: 750 nm (Gesamtstrecke: 10865 nm - Gesamtflugzeit: 70 Std 46 Min) Flug: PADU Unalaska - (Kodiak) - Anchorage PANC Nach einem mehr als 6 Stunden Flug bin ich heil in Anchorage (Alaska) gelandet. Der Flug war alles andere als einfach. Um ca. 8:40 lcl PADU Unalaska bin ich losgeflogen. Die Flughöhe von 8000 ft waren schnell erreicht. Allerdings gab es Wolken und viel Wind. Leider mehr Gegenwind, als Rückenwind. Und ich bin mehrmals in Vereisungsgebiete gekommen. Dann musste ich die Enteisungsanlage kurzzeitig einschalten (die hat ja auch keine unendliche Kapazität) und bin dann höher gestiegen, um aus dem Vereisungsgebiet herauszukommen. Zuletzt kurzzeitig bis auf fast 15000 ft. Auf Kodiak bin ich aber nicht zwischengelandet. Treibstoff hatte ich genug mit und ich wollte endlich ankommen. Der Flug hat schon länger gedauert, als geplant. Hauptsächlich durch den ungünstigen Wind und durch die Flugphasen um aus den Vereisungsgebieten herauszufliegen... Mit Autopilot einschalten und "Zurücklehnen" waren die mehr als 6 Stunden nicht gesegnet Start PADU Unimak Island (09:25 lcl) Kodiak Island kommt schwach in Sicht... Wide Bay Der Anflug auf PANC Rwy 07R war turbulent. Starker Seitenwind.... Endlich auf dem Parkplatz. South Air Park. Der nächste Abschnitt, der jetzt vorbereitet werden muss ist: Anchorage - Juneau. Danach geht es dann nach Bella Coola, Vancouver, San Francisco. Gruß heinz
  4. Aerosoft’s email last weekend for the Round the World in 80 Days reawakened an interest in Flight Simulator which has lain dormant for well over a year and led to a flurry of activity to work out a route. I used to flow with virtual airline Noble Air in the late 90s and remember doing a RTW with them using a B777. Plane of choice this time is the Majestic Dash8 – Q400 in Flybe livery, but switching to a B777 for the trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic legs, as allowed by the rules and to give some variety. Real world commitments limits time available, so I was trying to keep the legs under 2hrs (~580nm). I have 36 Q400 legs and 2 B777 legs. Route starts at Biggin Hill. I felt London’s executive airport was a fitting start for a Reform Club member and his butler. Ridiculously short leg to Calais-Dunkirk, then on to Brindisi and Port Said (for Suez). Down the Red Sea to Aden then across to Muscat (some concern here overflying Yemen) and on to Mumbai. Three legs across India to Kolkata. Long way round for the next leg to Kuala Lumpur, then Ho Chi Minh city and Sanya to Hong Kong. I’ve opted to go to Shanghai for the next leg and then Tokyo-Haneda as the nearest to Yokohama. B777 across the Pacific, and back into the Dash for four legs across the USA which are all right up on my time limit. B777 across the Atlantic to Cork (for Cobh). With minimal fuel load and passengers I think there’s enough real estate to stop on! Dublin would be the alternate. Back into the Dash for the penultimate leg to Liverpool, then down to Biggin. I’m flying on a standard version of FSX, with Active Sky Next for the weather. Let’s see what happens. Jimbo
  5. jimbo_uk

    All set for the trans-Pacific leg - here's the route on SkyVector 4600 nm. SYE3 SID / SYE / Y11 / JD / DAIGO / Y889 / OATIS / OTR3 / PUTER / POXED / AGEDI / R591 / AKISU / ASPIN / SYA / R591 / AMOND / A342 / CRYPT / DCT COORDS / VESPA / REDWD / AMAKR / BDEGA2 STAR. International Date Line would be crossed between AMOND and DRAPP on A342. CRYPT is the halfway point. Since I was flying a United plane, the plan was to 'shadow' their flight UA876, departing Haneda at 4.25pm (local) and arriving San Francisco 8.40am (local), a flight time of 9hrs 15mins. Flight operated by a B787 Dreamliner. We pushed back at 4.22pm local and with winds 40@9kts, took off from rwy 34L at 4.35pm. Taxiing out from the International Terminal with Domestic Terminal 1 and the tower on the other side of the runway. This was going to be a long, boring flight, having reached cruise altitude of FL390, with the only excitement coming with crossing the international date line. I think in all my FlightSim past I've only done that once before when undertaking a RTW in my Noble Air days in the late 90s or early 00s. I think both images will zoom to show 179deg 59' The IRU display is in the top LH corner of 767 overhead. The PlanG map bizarrely would be a good advert for the flat earth society presenting a convincing argument for falling over the edge! Just prior to the dateline we overflew SYA VOR which is at Eareckson air base on Shemya Island. Part of the Aleutian Islands, south west of Alaska. The base still operates as a strategic radar station and an aircraft refuelling stop. The runway runs east/west, is 10,000ft long with ILS on rwy 28. Curiously, the halfway point and most northerly at CRYPT intersection is only 55deg N. Aberdeen in Scotland is 57deg N. Just felt like we should be further north. Next treat was sunrise, followed by US landfall over Mendocino County, 150 miles north of San Francisco. And then the Golden Gate bridge appeared through the early morning clouds Routing then went inland to east before turning onto final for rwy 28R. Landed at 8.45am local and was on gate G92 (the allocated gate for the United flight) on the International terminal at 8.55am. Flight time was 9hrs 10mins, a credible 5mins inside the scheduled flight time, so I felt quite chuffed about that. More so, because a review online showed the actual flight left Haneda an hour late, but caught up 30 mins arriving 9.10am. I must have mixed up my odds and evens; I flew at FL390, but noted that the real flight flew at FL380, with other flights at FL400 coming east across the Pacific. I think the Princess leaves the group in San Francisco. I need to go and find the United Express Dash that will take us across to New York. Nine days rest before we set off again.
  6. OK, I'm going to give this eighty day thing a shot. I'll start out flying the HondaJet, though I may change to other modern aircraft during the trip. I like the the FSX Default Lear 45 and Grand Caravan, which both also use jet fuel as well. With his permission, I am flying basically the same route as published by JoHubb. London to Suez 7 days Oct 2-9 Suez to Bombay 13 days Oct 10-23 Bombay to Calcutta 3 days Oct 23-26 Calcutta to Hong Kong 13 days Oct 26-Nov 8 Hong Kong to Yokohama 6 days Nov 8-14 Yokohama to San Francisco, while passing the IDL, 22 days Nov 14-Dec 5 San Francisco to New York City 7 days Dec 5-12 New York to London 9 days Dec 12-21. EGLC-LOWL, LHPP, LFSB, LGKO, HEPS, OKBK, OMDB, OPKC, VABB, VANP, VECC, VTPM, (Where I have arranged to get 3,000# of Jet Fuel from the Royal Thai Air Force.) VTPT (For another 3,000# of Fuel) Then on to VTUD, VHHH, ZSWS, RJFK, RJTF, UHPP, PASY, PADU, PADQ, PAYA, CAW5, KOLM, KSFO, KSJC, KIKK, KASE, KLDJ, KEBM, CYYT, LPFL, LPLA, LPCS, LFBL, and finally back to EGLC. RUPERT
  7. Rupert's in

    Bonus Day!! Almost as soon as we landed at KRAP and signed in for charters a wealthy couple asked about seeing Devils Tower up close. Luckily we know a Huey guy who operates out of HPDT (Devils Tower chopper base.) Sadly there's no airport nearby to drop the Honda into to pickup the Huey. So we jumped into a local rental Grand Caravan and made the trip to Hulett airfield (W43). From there we'll take the tour bus down into the town and meet my buddy with his Huey. Apparently my pal Mike and the FBO at Hulett had a falling out so he's not allowed to land there anymore. Of course after the chopper flight we'll have to take the bus back to pick up the Caravan. Total of 3 hours flown. 156 miles counting out and back to Hulett. Screen shots include Tower from the Caravan before we landed at Hulett. Hulett hangers, Hulett tour sign. Huey Idling The village right after taking off and going out to get some altitude built up & a view coming from the backside of the Tower.
  8. This sounds like it could be an interesting and enjoyable undertaking. I will fly the PMDG DC-6A in BOAC Cargo livery. The aircraft is in the process of being thoroughly checked out and maintenance items attended to prior to commencement of the event. The route planning is underway.
  9. Jeff W

    DC-6 Ferry Flight – Leg 4 CYFB-CYQX ARRIVED GANDER CYQX –(STOP)- FERRY FLIGHTS TOTAL DISTANCE 5780 -(STOP)- AIRCRAFT READY FOR PICKUP –(STOP)- Inqaluit - Pushing Back After Takeoff, Gear Up. Over Labrador Gander Tower, Runway In Sight. Completion of Ferry Flight Operations. DC-6 G-AOMP ready to resume RTW80 duty.
  10. Hello Captains, I already have the plane to fly this great adventure, tomorrow at the first hour We´ll take off from Jerez LEJR to London EGLL, to start this great adventure. I will fly the md-80 with specific livery for this adventure. These will be my legs: LEG DATE DEPARTURE DESTINATION 1 02/10/2017 EGLL London LFPB Paris Le Bourget 2 03/10/2017 LFPB Paris LIML Torino 3 05/10/2017 LIML Torino LIBR Brindisi 4 06/10/2017 LIBR Brindisi LGAV Athens 5 08/10/2017 LGAV Athens HEPS Port Said 6 10/10/2017 HEPS Port Said OEJN Jeddah 7 12/10/2017 OEJN Jeddah OYAA Aden 8 14/10/2017 OYAA Aden OOMS Muscat 9 16/10/2017 OOMS Muscat OPKC Karachi 10 19/10/2017 OPKC Karachi VAAB Bombay 11 24/10/2017 VAAB Bombay VABP Bhopal 12 25/10/2017 VABP Bhopal VEBN Varanasi 13 26/10/2017 VEBN Varanasi VECC Calcutta 14 27/10/2017 VECC Calcutta VYKP Kyaukpyu 15 27/10/2017 VYKP Kyaukpyu VYYY Yangon 16 27/10/2017 VYYY Yangon VTBS Bangkok 17 02/11/2017 VTBS Bangkok WSSS Singapore 18 02/11/2017 WSSS Singapore WBGB Brunei 19 02/11/2017 WBGB Brunei VHHH Hongkong 20 02/11/2017 VHHH Hongkong ZSSS Shanghei 21 02/11/2017 ZSSS Shanghei RJOA Hiroshima 22 02/11/2017 RJOA Hiroshima RJTT Yokohama 23 02/11/2017 RJTT Yokohama PMDY Midway 24 08/07/2014 PMDY Midway PHNL Honululu 25 12/07/2014 PHNL Honululu KSFO San Francisco 26 13/07/2014 KSFO San Francisco KSLC Salt Lake City 27 27/07/2014 KSLC Salt Lake City KDEN Denver 28 05/10/2014 KDEN Denver KMCI Kansas 29 07/10/2014 KMCI Kansas KCVG Cincinatti 30 11/10/2014 KCVG Cincinatti KJFK New York 31 02/11/2017 KJFK New York TXKF Bermuda 32 08/07/2014 TXKF Bermuda LPPO Santa Maria 33 02/11/2017 LPPO Santa Maria EIDW Dublin 34 08/07/2014 EIDW Dublin EGGP Liverpool 35 08/07/2014 EGGP Liverpool EGLL London
  11. ETAPA 29 de PACD PAKN, vuelo tranquilo21581968.kml
  12. Diary Entry #1 Capt. Lambert stared out of the East Croydon bay window at the grey grey sky. He turned as Mildred, his wife of 35 years, entered clutching a cup of tea & a scone. Lambert cleared his throat. Mildred looked up expectantly. "I'm just popping out for a bit dear", he muttered absent- mindedly. "Oh?", Mildred replies, scone half way between the plate & her mouth. "Will you be long?" "No, no, probably 80 days or so" There was a long silence. Mildred slowly chewed on her scone. "80 days dear? Isn't that rather a long time?" "No, not really", Lambert murmured, distracted by a dog peeing on his roses. He tapped loudly on the window & shook his fist. "Where are you going?", Mildred demanded, sounding slightly alarmed. "You're not off on one of those Distillery tours again are you dear?" Lambert shook his head. 'No, no fear of that. I'm just going to pop out & fly around the World. Shan't be long!" "But who will feed the cat!", Mildred remonstrated. "Why, you of course!", Lambert replied, shooting a look at Mildred that suggested she was daft. "You mean I'm not going too!!", Mildred remonstrated. Lambert sighed & pulled out some photos. "You really want to travel in these?', he asked, handing her a pair of photos. Mildred gasped in horror. To be continued Windswept
  13. Diary Entry #92: Shemya, (PASY), to Adak Island, (PADK) A sleep deprived Lambert prepared to leave Shemya for Adak Island. \"About 385 miles today chaps. Could be breezy, I've been looking at the forecasts & once we head further East & are out in the Bering Sea, there isn't any land to shelter us. Better pack extra brown bags Roger!", Lambert laughed. "Do you know anything about Adak Island Manwell?", Lambert asked, pausing from chewing his way through a packet of wine gums. "Que?", Manwell replied, with a look of puzzlement on his face. Lambert sighed & handed over a Wikipedia extract. 'Adak Island (Aleut: Adaax is an island near the western extent of the Andreanof Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Alaska's southernmost town, Adak, is located on the island. The island has a land area of 274.59 square miles (711.18 km2), measuring 33.9 miles (54.5 km) on length and 22 miles (35 km) on width, making it the 25th largest island in the United States. Due to harsh winds, frequent cloud cover, and cold temperatures, vegetation is mostly tundra (grasses, mosses, berries, low-lying flowering plants) at lower elevations. The highest point is Mt. Moffett, near the northwest end of the island, at an elevation of 3,924 feet (1,196 m). It is snow covered the greater part of the year. Adak, Alaska, is its largest and principal city. The word Adak is from the Aleut word adaq, which means "father".' "Oh!", Manwell responded when he had finished reading. He offered it to Roger, but he shook his head. He was scanning the sky & clouds & sniffing the wind. Lambert noticed this & that the wind was picking up. "Time to go chaps!", he told them hastily & soon had Babushka warmed up & ready to go. The takeoff was dicey as the headwind had become a cross wind & they were b;lown to the left off the runway during their departure. But Lambert gritted his teeth & held it together, gradually easing Babushka back on track as they climbed slowly at 200 fpm. Once they got away from the island they caught a tailwind & made good time to Adak Island, where the landing was without incident. That evening Lambert informed them that he was considering skipping Atka & going straight through to Unalaska the next day. Roger was not pleased by this at all & protested it was too long a leg in the weather they were striking. "We'll review the situation tomorrow!", Lambert announced, cutting off further debate. Meanwhile, at the Safe House, Mildred had caved in & basically acknowledging she could be bought for a case of Gordon's Gin, had agreed to ride Skylark Dance in the 3.30 pm steeplechase race at Cheltenham. "Good!", Augustine had enthused. "How much do you weigh?" Mildred hesitated. "About 120 Lbs I think" "Good g-d girl, your way overweight!. Poor Skylark will collapse. Nothing for it but the sauna!" "The what?", Mildred protested. "Sauna dear. They have one here. Squires will provide all you need" & as if by magic, Squires appeared at the door with several towels & a terry robe dressing gown. "Follow me please madam!", he commanded, & Mildred was too stunned to refuse. After 3 hours in the sauna, by which time Mildred felt like a dish mop, a stalemate occurred. Her refusal to continue the regime was only overcome following a hasty conversation between Squires & Augustine, the outcome of which gave Mildred a Gin & Tonic to be going on with while she remained in the sauna. And at Sloterberry Farm, Jane was teaching Lucy how to milk a cow. "Very visceral isn't it!", Lucy had declared as she pulled heartily on Daisy's teats. Battling a cross wind to get out of Shemya Weather has improved. Volcano off to the left Passing over one of the larger islands, on the way to Adak Island Stray picture Over Adak Island runways On the ground at Adak Island, (PADK)
  14. Rupert's in

    After leaving the Grand Canyon we went over to see what all deal was about Moab (KVNY.) We left Moab still wondering what the deal was! All we saw was some desert and a few people bouncing around in off-road vehicles. So went over to Crested Butte (KGVC) hoping for a charter, no luck. So we wandered over to Aspen (KASE) to visit friends. And of course hoped to get another charter. What we discovered is it's a good thing the weather was perfect at KASE because the ILS on the GPS was a mess! There were three (3) ILS Feathers shown for KASE. But only one (1) actually even points in the general direction of a runway!! (See the Screenshot) After over-nighting in Aspen with friends we headed out to Eagle County this morning. Again no luck getting a job. So we just slid over to Centenial (KAPA) near Denver. Screens shots are of climbing out. The KASE ILS. Approaching Eagle Co. Co. Roll-out on the Eagle County duty. A high mountain lake. Tower view of our takeoff from KLVT. Rupert
  15. London CIty Airport, EGLC Just about ready to close doors and start engines. First sector via Linz, LOWL.
  16. JoHubb log

    This picks up just turning left base. There were vicious gusts on short finals - that's my excuse anyways - and I had to plonk her down firmly without any hold off at all. Those big flaps can be a liablity in gusty conditions. I'd probably have made a better fist of it with just two stages, but we walked away..... Sorry there's no sound.
  17. Hi, Attached is my Flight Plan for the First Leg. Flight plan_AW80days.xlsx I will fly the Twin Otter for this leg and see how it goes. When I'll get to Suez, Mr Fix will join me as a co-pilot to follow Phileas JOBB and Jean PASSEPARTOUT. I will post a Flight Plan for each leg. Have a safe flight, Jacques
  18. Avgo21's log

    Nov. 23, on our way to SF throught Alaska Flight report Leg #6: Tokyo, Japan to SF, USA 3rd segment Date Departure Time Arrival Time Rule Vehicule Altitude Distance Sim 23-Nov Eareckson (PASY), Alaska, USA 9:22 Cold Bay (PACD), Alaska 11:22 IFR Airbus A-320 F235 881 P3D V4 Approaching Cold Bay airport, Alaska Landing on Cold Bay (PACD),
  19. At Nice. Next Brindisi. Flying a C-47 and a Constellation L049 when needed.
  20. HectorP

    Today arrived at TKR7 in the Pilatus fine and dandy. Still 1,379 NM to San Francisco.
  21. Thanks Dave. Need to find a shot of Mildred's Hillman Minx Windswept
  22. I am planning to use a DC3 and use the northern route if acceptible. This aircraft choice could change on clarification of the number of people who must be carried.
  23. Harry Woodrow

    an early start And a late end at PASI Flight Number WW7962 Date Friday, 24 November 2017 Depart PADU - Unalaska Airport Arrive PASI - Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport Aircraft WW-DC30 Flight Time 10:26:24 Distance 1067 NM
  24. Outstanding... Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  25. That GBP 20 000 prize money (Gold Sovereigns?) is just too enticing... First thought is the ocean crossings. A round-the-world flight should be a flight and not a boat trip so I think I will use Dan Klaue's Kodiak floatplane (X-Plane) and get Passepartout to phone some sailor pals to hire some ocean-going yachts to set out now with fuel supplies. I will rendezvous with each ship in turn at pre-determined GPS co-ordinates by landing on the sea for refueling. Passepartout is already being sent on a crash course in flying - he will learn more as we go. Shhh... The FAA must just not find out that an unlicensed student pilot will be flying certain legs. This is just our naughty secret. But don't worry, with my fake CFI certificate I will take responsibility for the lad. He can already do "touch and go's". By the way, I would like to paint the Kodiak with the official "Round the world in 80 days" logo. I see some of you have already used this insignia. Can any kind soul give me a link to the logo artwork, please. Greetings from Cape Town Dave Britzius
  26. DaveLTB

    Friday 24th November - Sealane waypoint #4 It's time to say goodbye to the tugboat captain and head off to the American mainland and San Francisco. Lining up for takeoff A wing waggle to the captain before leaving Sealane waypoint #4 Approaching San Francisco Passing the Golden Gate bridge (Freeware Mister X6 scenery) The real Golden Gate bridge Golden gate from the South Cityside San Francisco CBD bathed in the late afternoon light (Freeware Mister X6 scenery) KFSO in the distance Lining up - (Freeware Mister X6 scenery) Arrival KSFO San Francisco - (Freeware Mister X6 scenery) San Francisco City San Francisco CBD Oakland Bay Bridge Iconic San Francisco tram Today's flight (Heavy crosswind) - Pacific Sealane waypoint #4 to KSFO (San Francisco, California, USA) - (826nm)